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Howling Apple

Little something I felt like combining again. Combined Applejack with Sisters of Battle before:
Wanted Eldar this time :P Tried to do full body first but then I ended up just doing a portrait. Been moving towards these "tiny" portrait icons a bit.

Initially thought I'd go pony face like linked above, but decided to go like what I did in my Apple Applejack Style, slightly EQG:

Took me bit longer than it should. I did watch some con recordings at times, distracting myself. Doesn't take away the time I spend XD
I want to get back to massive scale again sometime.

Approx Time: 4,5 hours
Howling Apple [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This is the first time I've seen 40k Applejack as anything other than a space marine.

Shame she's a blasphemous xenos though. I won't enjoy slaughtering her.
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awwww so cute!!:D
but i dont really see applejack at all in here. maybe u could keep her hairstyle. 
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It might have been a lot clearer if I had made the Central soulstone an Apple or something hehe, I missed that chance there :)
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that could work. also replace the beil-tan green with more orange. :D
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o OO OO HEY! I KNOW WHAT THIS IS! WOW! this is something else!
This should probably be Princess Celestia since her voice actor does the farseer and I think the howling banshee for the dawn of war series.
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It was really awesome she did the Farseer voice. Love me some 40k. If I ever end up making a pony into a Farseer, it will and must be Celestia XD
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(I am impressed but will have to give a better review later)
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That's brilliant! XD

Very nicely drawn! :)
Gorgeous details.
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Ohmygosh! This is so awesome! I literally fangasmed here :D
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But cute. I didn't catch it was supposed to be a pony at first tough.
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Hmm always thought Rarity would be the obvious candidate for the Banshees, with AJ going to the Dragons.
Anyways, it might just be the lighting, but her right chest looks a bit ...lopsided.
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Missed an opportunity to make her Spirit Stones apple-shaped.
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I like the green smudge on the breastplate, it makes me think I painted it because I can't hold my fucking brush steady.
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Whoa!!! Super cool.
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Looks AMAZING :0
You're the kind of artist people are jealous of and want to be!
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