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How you like them apples?!

Had to make another piece in this style. It's pretty fun, messy, sketchy, but still aesthetically alrighty.
And I just happened to have an idea I had to make.

Also, this totally isn't WhiteDiamondsLtd 's fault I'm doing this... Or well, maybe kinda a lot perhaps. Been exposed to so much Rarijackdaily I suppose that just happens. Especially now it's getting back active again :D

It's got Applejack, and her big apples, how can I complain?!

Perhaps I'll do this style more often. It's a bit easier to finish within a short stream. I'd almost be temped to make an Applejack daily... so tempting...

Approx Time: 2,5 hours
How you like them apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyApplejacku by AssasinMonkey

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Even though I'm not a Rarijack shipper, I've always found their contrasting personalities to be a fascinating idea, and this piece perfectly highlights that. There's sort of a comedic touch to how large Applejack's apple is compared to Rarity's, especially when you consider that look Rarity gives. But in all honesty, the real star of this show is the design. It's phenomenal. The lack of color saturation almost gives the picture a certain timeless charm, and reducing the background to just the grass and tree trunk allows the viewer to pay more attention to our two gals. To be truthful, they almost look like pigs, but hey, that's the way you design it, and I have to give credit where credit is due. Lastly, the sketchy outline emphasizes the magic this drawing is bringing out to the viewer.

You know those classic Winnie the Pooh books you used to read when you were younger? Well this piece almost reminds me of those. I guess that's why this picture just feels so charming to look at. This is definitely one of my favorite human drawings of the MLP characters. I mean the title said it best: how do you like them apples?
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The children book illustration style definitely came to mind after I made this!
Never expected I'd end up on that kind of style, but it's fairly fun to make.

Glad to hear the comedic effect works, that was the main idea that made me make this, something that I expected to really fit these two. So it's fun to hear the results of that, while also being able to get an idea of the style and how it's perceived.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Love the style.
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Rarity: How can you even eat this thing?. Applejack: You're dead to me.

Awesome work assasinmonkey It look's amazing. 
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I love this. Assassin Monkey, is this meant to be a shipping picture? Are you on that particular vessel?
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Very late, but I realised I'm missing an answer here!
I'm more on the side of it being a friend ship. :)
It also keeps things open for interpretation
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I love this cute little storybook style!
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This style could really come in handy for illustration purpose, such as those in children's books or short stories. Clap
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Applejack Daily? have my support for this idea :3
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Rarity's classic scrunchy face, so cute!
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it looks amazing i wish i could draw like you im pretty new and people like you are great inspirations to newbies like me
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Rare's scrunchy-face <3
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It does look pretty nice, it's reminiscent of a children's book!
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Hey guys, look! He drew non-Applejack! :la:
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aww =)=)=)=)<3<3<3 so cute =)=)=)<3
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I think it could use more colors, but who am I to judge? I do love your art, this feels, however, kind of like step backward. I know it's testing different style, we shouldn't stick to just one all the time, so I approve your choices there, good sir. Gotta say I didn't think you could pull off nice picture with soft lines, people usually stick with precise hard lines. Definitelly something to look further into for me, thanks :)

PS: So, I take it that you did watch EG II and III lately? :)
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Heheh, cute.
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