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Horsu of the Dawnfire

One of the little Dawnfires made during a fundraising stream for Celebi-Yoshi aka Dawnfire
I ended up mostly making her OC a bunch of times haha. Hope you like em

For more info on the situation, check up on her official journal: Life, family emergency, loss
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So adorable.
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I've seen a couple of these so far. How did the fundraising stream work? Is it something more of us can take part in?
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looks funny and cuty!
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So cute >.< Yay for Dawnfire!
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The image is happy but the situation is so sad. :(
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From the blurriness/ resolution of the picture, for some reason it doesn't feel like the whole picture. But I guess that's because you made a bunch of these amirite? x3

Fantastic job Assasin, truly is a wonderful rendition of her character! Hopefully she's on the right path now that she's got this charity stream going on for her! :)
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This image is so much sadder after reading her situation :cries:

I'm so happy you made this, I hope it cheered Celebi-Yoshi up
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Is... Is she giving the finger?
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