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Hoof Along

Had an art block trying to make other stuff. So I went through my styles hoping to find something that would break it. Of course it had to be Applejack to do so hah.
Going with line based work often feels like it's the most basic to just jump into. Although maybe that's why it's causing me to experiment with stuff like proportions, face structures, and stuff like that. Albeit here more focus on the body.

But yea, just a basic Applejack because I wanted to at least upload something today... I tried to make an OC design series again, but that didn't work out, was just too much struggle... gosh darn. One of those days. I've been shifting so much from mental state it's tiresome in its own right hah. Every day is different, bit lack of control.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy!
HighRes version will be up on Patreon.

Approx Time: ~3 hours
Photoshop CC
Hoof Along [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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spiritlit's avatar
the tags say applejack but her face says flutters
(( seriously tho this is nice. the semi-anthro style looks really good here ))
Maran-Zelde's avatar
I like the way you drew her face, but I thought the indent in her hoof was a thumb at first. :P
Netolu's avatar
It would explain how she's able to buckle a belt! xD
X-Force02ranger's avatar
hermosa mi manzanita <3
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zapplebow's avatar
I like semi anthro :2
siberian502's avatar
That waist to hip ratio...
Ggrrowww, cowgirl.
I really like the green eyes on a black and white piece, too. Nice little pop, pulls the focus.
mistypine01's avatar
Lovely farm mare, AJ.
HirowTheHedgehog's avatar
she looks Georges 
niki0012's avatar
art blocks are horrible!! >-< this looks really good btw I hope the block goes away quickly <3
ThirstyBoi39's avatar
TheGreatYakoshi's avatar
10/10 horse lady, would raise a barn with.
Yanderesweet's avatar
So cool! :3 (I really like your style!) :O
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