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Episode was great again. Familiar topic but great take on it. Something I've grown to expect from the show. Being able to take classic concepts and make them their own.

Decided to go with the little dramatic scene. Great height opportunity getting perspective in. Nice challenge and just in combination with the rope and such. Good fun as always.
Granny smith is slowly crawling up in the number of pieces in my gallery she's in.


Approx Time: 5,5 hours
Honest Leap [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This is an awesome picture, but Granny's face is a little fat. You might want to have taken away a few of the many lines you put on the picture. I really like the view of this picture, as Granny Smith's about to dive off. You should probably make Applejack a little more visible, with her face and all. You could add the water, but you don't have to. If this is a painting, you really can't edit it, and I'm assuming it is, because of the details. Make sure somepony is holding the rope as well. This is an awesome picture!