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Honest Leap

Episode was great again. Familiar topic but great take on it. Something I've grown to expect from the show. Being able to take classic concepts and make them their own.

Decided to go with the little dramatic scene. Great height opportunity getting perspective in. Nice challenge and just in combination with the rope and such. Good fun as always.
Granny smith is slowly crawling up in the number of pieces in my gallery she's in.


Approx Time: 5,5 hours
Honest Leap [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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This is an awesome picture, but Granny's face is a little fat. You might want to have taken away a few of the many lines you put on the picture. I really like the view of this picture, as Granny Smith's about to dive off. You should probably make Applejack a little more visible, with her face and all. You could add the water, but you don't have to. If this is a painting, you really can't edit it, and I'm assuming it is, because of the details. Make sure somepony is holding the rope as well. This is an awesome picture!
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Hehe great work. I actually quite a fan of Granny Smith. She's a pretty fun character ^_^
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Whew! Thank Destiny that rope's there...
AM, I notice the panoramic curve on the tower gradually appearing between steps 1 and 3. Was it planned out, or did you bend it till it looked right?
I'm working on including subtle panoramic perspective, and I'm not sure if it's worth going all out with curvy grids, or if I should just warp the linear perspective by eye.
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In the early sketch it started out roughly straight (as straight as my quick arm movements could make it XD )
Later on I did notice I was gradually making a curve in the tower and I kinda rolled with it. Adjusting those long guide strokes to have a bit of a curve to it.

It's one of the reasons I got a big tablet so I have a lot of freedom to brush in long smooth strokes. Though yea basically I did it by eye keeping that vanishing area in mind, adjusting it a bit here and there. In the WIP with the last frames you can notice the bottom of the tower being widened quite a bit.
Thanks for the reply, and for posting your WIP. It's amazingly helpful for us amateurs to see and hear about the workflow of artists we look up to. 
I can see what you mean about a large surface tablet: I tried a small wacom once, and it felt very cramped and constraining. 
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I really like the swirling clouds centred over the tower.
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I admit, I half expected the rope to break Granny's leg. Thankfully it was a stretchy rope. =D
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Oh man! Finally someone who doesn't say that they popped their art out in "30 minutes"!
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Hehe, I'm not afraid of showing the mess of a time I sometimes spend on art. Although I always end up finding it either too long or too short lol.
I also hope it gives a nice insight to the process combined with the WIPs :D
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She never would have survived it, even with the rope. Remember Gwen Stacy? 
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I was thinking the same thing during that scene. :D
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AJ must be able to make any rope magic yea heh XD
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Not even magic can trump the force of inertia and momentum.
I can't imagine this going horribly wrong at all...
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I love the effect you put on the clouds. It's very atmospheric and just has a really cool look. The texture of Granny Smith's wrinkles look great as well.
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I can believe it. That is exactly the composition I had in mind when I thought of what you would draw. Well, I expected something dynamic and dramatic and this scene fit perfectly.

Awesome work
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It's striking how old and pruny yet youthful she looks at the same time.
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"Granny smith is slowly crawling up in the number of pieces in my gallery she's in."

Given how much stuff her life has to it, it's no surprise. What's next, she was a bear wrestler (please be true)?
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Haha, can just about imagine she has had way more dangerous things happen throughout her life.
Living next to the Everfree might just do that to you.
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                            Granny Smith 
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I was hoping for more of those devious masterminds, but Apple family is good too :)
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Excellent pic, and one of AJ's best rescues.
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