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Approx Time: 10-15 hours?
Hold [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyDrop by AssasinMonkey
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If it weren't for the fact that everyone didn't read the description including myself, we'd probably imagined a different situation ourselves...

Vision: Being the first time I've seen your art, dare I say that it is splendid? The details itself look like she is going through a brutal death in a rather most uncomfortable way but that is not the selling point of this picture. What is the selling this the meaning of this which I will say in the impact section, for now, the details are outstanding.

Originality: Coming after Drop which started this, the originality may somewhat not be there, but I haven't seen an artist with this kind of creativity so it doesn't change the originality. It fact it some enhances it considering what is bound to come should you continue this.

Technique: Technique is somewhat difficult for me to go over but I'll try my best. The style used is of course yours as the tears escaping from Applejack's eyes feels like they flow with the roots coming below her as they try to entangle her in what I can guess is major stress. Considering what burdens she has to shoulder, it's no surprise it can be stressful for our cowmare (Is that even a word?)

Impact: Remember when I said that I will say what I believe is the true meaning of this pic is in the impact section? Well here it is, a detail I left are the three apples and her Stetson. We can make a connection that the apples would represent the three other Apple family members. The eaten to the core green apple represents Granny Smith, the almost eaten but still fresh red apple is Big Macintosh, and the yellow turning red apple would be Apple Bloom. Her Stetson seems to dissipate alongside the apples. What can be said from here is that the stress from carrying such a huge burden is finally getting to her as she is crying from dealing with it representing by her tears surrounding her Stetson and the three apples. In the show, we don't see it specifically but one can argue that she is hiding it all under a stubborn, brave, and happy facade. The roots that seem to wrap her represent all the stress finally catching up to her as they tie her up reaching up to her chin can give one an idea of a a brutal and cruel death being casted upon her. One could also make an argument that the apples and the Stetson dissipating means that her own family is facing death and there is no way to avert their fate. Now she is facing her death and all she can do is cry as she is left alone to face this even with her friends at her side. All in all, I'm not so certain if the two possibilities I made are true, but if they are about close, then consider it a saddening idea for the poor Apple farmer.

Now with all that said, I'm proud to say that this is a fine work and I'll be continuing to watch your progress with all the many arts you create. Speaking of arts, are you planning on making more of these with the rest of the mane 6? If so, then I'll be glad to see them revealed <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>