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Height of Flight



Experimental piece. This kind of perspective I've often sketched out but never really worked out. Got to start somewhere getting familiar with this. Tough one but fun.
Although I did keep a static pose... thought about putting more stuff in the background as well, as reference, but heh, maybe lazy or too much work to get it in at this point.
Hopefully this will still suffice to get the idea across :) Though I guess it's a combination of different lenses perhaps? Didn't have any lens in mind specifically, just went by feeling.

Also, Anthro Twi for once I guess hehe.
I feel like I have more to type, but I'll leave it at this then I guess.
Edit: Ah yes, the line of staying fairly rough with the brushes, not cleaning up too much. Although I kinda want to do a high detail piece soon again. As in somewhere this month at least starting one

Approx Time: 7-8 hours

Height of Flight [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Amazing sense of perspective! It's not quite my favorite style, but that's just personal taste and your drawing is still amazing. As far as feedback, I'd make her mane less blurry so the focus is more on Twilight, but it's pretty clear that this was just perspective practice. Her hooves also don't quite match the semi-realism that the rest of the drawing has. I really love the texture of the fur and the grass, and the picture would look much better if that attention to detail were applied to her mane as well. Overall, though, this was a very interesting angle to see. I'm surprised it didn't take longer than it did, and the WIP pic shows your true dedication to art. Fantastic picture – keep working at it!