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Guardians of our World

"They not only rule over these lands but they also protect it from any threat
It is they who protect us from emptiness, that allow us to live as we do.
Flying above skies in lands beyond us, even if we can't see them, they watch over us."

So much fun doing space, haven't done that in a long long time. This is an oldy idea I had in my mind as far back as when I had my first Changeling Behemoth back last year. (where I went with large opponents)
I figured space is pretty big, so why not take that and of course include the fabulous royals :)

Though I guess I did keep it somewhat simple, just mah round brush and apparently a lot of layers in this case.
Nebula was too much fun to play around with haha. everything you see here is hoof made
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Is this Cosmic unicorn inspired? 
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That’s black whole
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Celestia and Luna versus the encroaching miasma.
... I need this on a wall scroll.

I *need* to hang this on my wall.
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HOLY!!! My jaw LITERALLY dropped when I saw this beauty!! Great work!! I always love stuffs that involve space!! This gets a special spot on my Faves list . . . . I also saw where Twilights star is, surrounded by her friends. 
Kinda reminds me of Erebus, the greek deity of primordial darkness.
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Looks like Discord's big brother Entropy just showed up!
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... the Princesses vs. the Darkness from Destiny?
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This is beautiful! =D I believe that there are worlds that we cannot see, worlds that may be protecting us from harm, maybe even helping people. There is so much feeling in this! Epic work! =D
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Awesome! ; v ; I love how you incorporated the other princesses, too. c: Really nice touch.
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Stunning and breathtaking!
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A kind of warmth and calm feeling,

but it's the story of a kind of moving Hug , this is beautiful.
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this is beautiful
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This is gorgeous!
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Equestria History, the two sisters/princesses watching Equestria
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I love artwork like this. Very nice!
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I love how you added The cosmos and how it changes! Love bootyful!
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This is absolutely amazing !! *^*
I love how you did the space, and the shading is very good :iconlovestrucklunaplz:I love it !
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Only suggestion i have is to remove the +star near Twilight's cutie mark at the top, left of Luna's face.
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My reaction: Did you know, if you look at it in a way, if space is just a giant marble, than space is bigger on the inside? o-O
Nice pic, by the way.
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