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Got the Mojo... Jojo

Another Mane 3... CMC piece?!
I blame the latest CMC song haha. When I hear Mojo I just keep adding Jojo. It also works so perfectly with the CMC, so it just had to happen.
Everywhere he goes, 3 little girls seem to bother him.

Taking my recent shading into a non-background piece. Just simple ground to at least have them on something and solidify the silhouette a bit.
Slightly weird not being able to adjust the background values accordingly to the characters, but interesting.
Although mostly done just for the idea, still spent good time on it (yet very rough again)

Edit: Forgot to colour the tongues... again

Approx time: 5 hours

Got the Mojo... Jojo [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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jojo's biz adventure stardust crusaders 
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Laughs at Mojo.
Adorable pic xd
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XD this is way to cute
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mojo does not look happy lol
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That's just too cute!
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They are the PPG
Sweetie  = Bubbles
Apple = Blossom
and Scootalo = Buttercup :wow: YOU ARE A GENIUS
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And even more from that episode? *chuckle* Yeah, I thought of him too when I heard that.

Perhaps some thought of Austin Powers. Who knows? But with young pony? Nah.

An yet another EQD feature. Wonderful work
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That's what I thought of too.
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THE GREATEST CONQUEROR WHO EVER LIVED! Napoleon!  He was a mighty man, feared by all who looked up to him. Using his genius and his loyal army, he conquered all of Europe, then all of Russia, and finally the whole world. The end.
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Looks like the conclusion to one bizarre adventure....
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The CMC may not have superpowers but they are doubly annoying xD
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It took me until now to get the pun... That's what I get for missing the start of your streams...
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He should glad that it's only their expys and not the actual PPGs that are frolicking around him :D
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That is just too cute!


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OMG :iconohmyglobplz: IS VERY AMAZING
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great image  i love your stuff . i can not want to see what you do next :) (Smile) !cooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! power puff girls lol 
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