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Go for the stars

We can all aim for the stars, but it's also important to remain grounded. To realise and remember what you already have around you, as there's real value there. It's where you can take the steps you want to wherever direction you go, on a journey where you'll never know what you may discover. Keep looking, keep taking steps, keep reaching for those stars and one day you may have one. But remember that a star might already be closer to you than you think.

:iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd has been a guiding star for me these last couple months. While I also try to return the favour, to have her shine bright once again. Without I wouldn't be making so many Rarijacks, or art in general these months when my motivation and inspiration were boosted and got me moving again.

This idea funnily enough didn't start out from this concept, it was a coincidence from trying to make cover art for the Calendar these will be part of. Had an idea where Applejack tries to reach for the cover title :XD: But I thought about how I'd print it and decided to go with an alternative where I can't use this idea for the cover.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy! I'm almost ready to put all the artpieces together in a calendar design. Just a couple more. Hoping to have them printed before HWCon next month.

Approx Time: 4-5 hours
Photoshop CC
Go for the stars [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyDress Together by AssasinMonkey

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BEautiful work
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Gee that description was purdy =p
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High doses of cuteness!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw cute and adorable wok
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Absolute cuteness! :aww:
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Really digging these aj and rarity pieces!
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..but her arms are so tiny, I don't think she could even successfully reach for the brim of her hat. ;)  Lovely drawing as always, monkey.
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*dies of cutieness* ohmygod it's so tiny !
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Finnjr63's avatar
She's trying to reach it?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
She almost got them, just a tiny little bit further!
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AM you've now put a WhiteDiamonds mention in your posts fourteen times recently, and I don't see her commenting on these frequently enough to warrant that.  Nothing wrong with drawing RariJack in this style, but I don't think you need to notify her using a deviantArt mention every time you do.  We all get it by now.  :P
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Hehe, I do indeed include her a lot. That's probably also because this entire (calendar) project started out from there, through Twitter talk with her. So I've continued to do so every time as it's still at least relevant to each piece, the reason as to why I'm making these. So it's not about getting her to comment (that's been primarily through Twitter instead), but to mention her because she's the reason these exist. :)
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