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Glimmer in Star's Light



Ah, some Noir-ish work once again. It's been a while already since the last one, Rainity.

Kinda chose to do Starlight, so I could have a potential print for Pacific Ponycon, since it was announced Kelly Sheridan will be there!

At first I wasn't sure, since I couldn't think of anything, but after a browse through my gallery, and pondering about the many styles I've done through the past, I suddenly felt inclined to do a greyscale piece, making it noir while I was at it to have a bit of a theme to rely on. Been wanting to work in greyscale again, since most of my pieces these last months have been pretty much directly into colour shaded.

Unplanned, but I also had to go into some fashionista mode and "Design" a dress for her to make. With Rarity's piece I could just take the one from the episode that one was based on. Not so much here, although I did take a bit of inspiration for the top hat from the Hearth's Warming episode she was in.

T'was fun to make this, do detailing in greyscale once again, and with some interesting challenges it adds, not being able to rely on colour for character identification.

Considering the other VAs who will be at Pacific Ponycon... I got Rarity in greyscale already, and now Starlight... I might very well have to make Celestia too! We'll see where that goes! hehe

Approx Time: ~7,5 hours
Photoshop CC
Glimmer in Star's Light [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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