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From End To Beginning [WIP]

From End To Beginning by AssasinMonkey
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omg...this work process...I can't even...! My patience would run to a drizzle before I even get to the second sketch! 
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I really do enjoy looking at your work. Of course my family thinks it's strange I'm still into ponies, but hey, who cares, right? I think your style proves my point. Ponies are awesome! (Given I don't actually watch the show, I'm always filled to the brim with scheduling.....)

I'm really curious, and I'm sure this should be asked other places, but where did you come up with the idea for this one? 
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I /love/ the one where you are looking up at celestia and the dragon is above her. That's so gorgeous.
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Wow, that progress had to take so long :o And I agree with Shady-Bush, the one with Twilight in magic sphere is very good :]
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one question: that 2nd picture where twilingt is in that magic-ball-thingy... will you finish it too?! cuz goddamn there both pics look amazing!!!! Sting - Happy 
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I'll probably not end up going back to that one specifically. It's purpose was to help get to the final result I eventually had. Although I do also still like it :)
That said, the mood, perspective, and other aspects I could very well reuse as a reference for other future pieces, if I need it.
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