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From End To Beginning

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For his story 'Dominant Species' :…

In terms of first day I began on this to finished it took me a bit longer than expected. The hours got a bit stretched across the months. But I think in the end, the result was worth it. Had a massive boost in productivity in this last week, managing to round up all the sketches and concept, then just fly through all the shading and details.

Great scope to work on in a fun way. Had fun designing dragons, for which this was a great excuse haha. (You might've remembered the sudden dragon designs from a while a go, that was mainly because of this piece)

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy the piece, and of course also for those who read are going to read the fanfic tied to it, enjoy the read :D

Approx time: Total unknown. Shading&detailing ~ 17 hours
From End To Beginning [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I think this piece is over all very beautifully composed, but It's missing a few key elements that could help engulf the viewer into the scene.

The color palette has a lot of potential, but the lighting elements themselves are confusing. The glow and atmosphere around twilight are great. The glow from underneath and motion of the small glowing accents bring teleportation to mind. The high contrast seems appropriate for what looks like a sunset but Celestia is mysteriously spotlighted, her horn glow is similar to what is highlighting Twilight but she lacks the high contrast of the yellow highlights. The spotlight is visually appealing but it takes her away from the scene when it looks as though she will be the one staying behind. To bring her back into the image the use of similar spotlighting elements in the background (sun beams?) would be a nice touch especially added to the dragon, giving them a similar visual connection.

This scene is highly emotional, you can feel the connection between the characters but the composition isn't complementary to the scene. The rule of thirds would have helped guide the eye to the key elements here. The attention to detail is astounding but a more natural blur to the background would help keep the focus on the event that is unfolding rather than letting the eyes drift off into the bright back light. Something about this image gives the impression that the mood would be more fitting if the sky and background were as dark as the middle foreground.

Each of the characters here are lovely in their own light but in cropping them individually, it seems each of them are from a different image entirely. This piece has so much potential and is already such a beautifully composed piece, a little more refining and focus on further elements of realism outside of coloring and shading would polish this piece. Without further elements of realism to complement your beautiful coloring techniques it seems like there is something missing.

I hope to see more! You're paintings are wonderful.