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Fjords of Apples



First Saturday Stream after BronyCon. There was a lack of Applejack throughout those weeks, so I had to fix that.

Why not throw in an environment as well, right?! Actually kinda interesting doing this pony style with a more elaborate environment. Mostly I kept the backgrounds simple and blurred in a portrait mode with this pony style.

Didn't want to do basic mountains so I went with fjord instead! I guess could also have gone for "gorge" or "valley". Close enough. Fjord also just sounds fancier I think.

Had to puzzle a bit on what my steps would be, combining the different layers, which I think turned out ok. Since I paint environments different than ponies. I prefer these larger scale landscapes directly in colour. (Easier to add all the tiny variations)

Hope y'all enjoy!

PS: The HighRes and PSD file will be included in my Patreon packs
PPS: Uncropped version down below

Approx Time: ~9 hours
(forgot to record first couple hours)
Fjords of Apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyFjords of Apples [Alt] by AssasinMonkey

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As someone who's spent a decent amount of times in the Scandinavian mountains during summer, the landscape really speaks to me. The blue water, the mosaic of low vegetation and bare rock, it all brings back memories of my time in the mountains.

Applejack's expression as she gazes out on the landscape is about as accurate as it gets. Very few experiences make you feel as happy, excited and mighty at the same time.

The background is given a surprising sense of depth as details fade the farther away from the foreground they are located.

You didn't just capture the beauty of the mountains in the background, you managed to portray the spirit of mountaineering within Applejack as well.