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Fit for Apples

Oh gosh, I actually finished it sooner than I expected.

I wanted to make a high complex/detailed outfit again, since I haven't really done that since 2014... with Applejack.
Because it has been so long, I ended up with a bit different process and result. Kinda to be expected, but interesting to see each style's strength/weakness. Albeit I can't remember everything I did back then... (besides the previous took ~31+ hours haha)
It was also an excuse to do some dress/outfit designing again. Something MLP does plenty already, so I'm joining in on the fun.

When I started this, I knew I'd be in for a multisession piece. One that I couldn't make in one single Saturday. Today I thought it'd even be a 3 session piece, but nope... at one point I just... kept going haha. Brushy brushy Applejacky.
I do think I ended up cutting some corners because of that. Not cleaning up as much after the colour was added on the greyscale, to refine details that don't translate through those steps too well. But, I guess the greyscale was complex enough to be able to omit some stuff like that.

Then there was the background haha, ended up having to redo that. But did manage to use the old one as a painting in the new background. So I guess... win win?

This has been the longest taking piece in years I think. At least more than 1 year, perhaps even only topped by the my older piece I based this on... maybe. Well, it's at that top of hours taken.

Either way, hope y'all like the results!

PS: I do plan on putting together a time-lapse for this... it's just that there's a lot of data, and plenty of minutes to fill with music I gotta find.

Edit: Wow, I did not expect the wonderful response to this! Thanks everyone for the support, y'all make this possible for me.
(And even blasted me over 16k watchers while y'all were at it?!)

Approx Time: 24~25 hours
Photoshop CC
Timelapse: Pending
Fit for Apples [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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please tell me you have this are as a sketch with the outer layers only, im making a project of my ( a huge table ) and i was planning to carve it in the table top

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Could you make more of these, one for each of the Mane Seven, and one for Sunset?

I has an IDEA.

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This is amazing! I love it! I love the outfit, the details, the color tones... Everything! ♥_♥
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What the heck this is so pretty?
Where can i buy? :P
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sad becomes more antro?
Seen by AssasinMonkey
2 Face by AssasinMonkey
Mask by AssasinMonkey
x:  Fit for Apples by AssasinMonkey

I think she got over it and ...
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this is extremely gorgeous
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Hey! Ive got a team of people working on a new game. we are discussing character design and might go for anthro designs though you have shown knowledge of how to incorporate civilised equipment/technology with the pony anatomy. if you would like to see your designs modelled and animated and then finally put into a game then please contact me on skype: luke.squires3 or discord: IsorGames#4016
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I don't remember if I commented on this piece way back when you published it, but I am now. The greens and red are really beautiful tones, you crafted a nice fancy outfit for her that still feel like her tough girl look. Well done. the yellow, orange and gold are so bright! Love you this so much.
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dunno why this brings Assassin's Creed to my mind. Great piece of art!!
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Very realistic! I love antro.
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I really hope to see you at another con AssianMonkey, you draw Applejack so well <3
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I love your picture Mecha-Dragon101.
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this looks almost real... respect! 
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Oooh!  Oooh!  Now do an Albrecht Dürer-style woodblock print of that outfit!

'Cause it really looks all late-Medieval German. :-)
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Wow...just wow! :wow:
This looks absolutely EPIC! Well done! :love:
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beautiful!! there is so much volume!! O.O
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