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First Contact War, Griffons

The first contact between the Pony and the Griffon
Celestia and Luna wage a war against another civilization, a new found intelligent species.

Absolutely great fun doing this kind of scale and style again. Plenty of new things to try out and improve.
First time doing any of these characters from MLP

See the Work in Progress for this here: [link]
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question for the  artist, do you have an actual story that these amazing pieces go with like on FimFiction or something? 
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I got a possible reason why they are fighting in the first place:

Griffon commander: "The ponies took our lands! They chased our peoples into the hills where we had to scratch a living amongst rocks!"
Griffon troops: *Roars of anger*
Griffon commander:"Take back what they stole from us, kill them all!" 

I bet the the founding of Equestria was a very bloody affair especially if someone already lived in the land before the ponies arriwal. 
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I remember this battle, first between the "Royals" and Griffons of the trinity war, it opened my eyes and changed my life.
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It's much more likly that the Pegasi met the griffons before the Pony races united. So a war between the pegasi and griffons with no alicorns involved would make more sense. (and would be more balanced cause griffons vs alicorns is not a battle its a massacre =p)
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Yes what about love and tolerance as for mentioned below by some other pony what made you think of this art series of war between the Griffins and the ponies?? Please reply
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Ah, sorry I missed the question from thepixeldragon15

As to answer it, there's quite an in depth reasoning behind it.
But it already starts with the fact the show indicates not all relations are perfect. There's been fights and possibly even wars, as they seem to know the term 'war'
From Nightmare Moon, the the wildlife such as the Hydra, to other factions such as the Changelings. Twilight mentioned the term War before, and in recent episode there was even a more direct use of it.

It shows that things can go wrong, even though this doesn't imply they can't improve!!! My universe is set in the past, the show indicates Gryphons are a lot more accepted now-a-days. So I'm exploring the possibilities of a hostile relationship. The name "First Contact War" implies a sense of alien to it as well. I wanted to explore the contact between two completely alien species, in more ways than one. Two sentient intelligent species as well. (and possibly more, such as I've shown by creation Bovine pictures, and others)

The closest humans have come to historical first contact would probably be the colonization of the Americas. Where the natives did not speak the same language, nor had the same culture. They did however have the same bodies and ancestors. That contact didn't exactly go well. Gryphons and Ponies don't even share the same bodies! Language of any form could be totally unknown the other. Ponies having hooves, rather than claws and paws. A gesture in claws could be seen as completely offensive to those with hooves, and so on. Those unknown make it fairly interesting for me to explore these things.
Love and tolerance already doesn't mean the same for all ponies amongst each other, and probably even less so for the Gryphons or other species (Changelings, wildlife, etc.). A lot of gryphons have been shown to be greedy to some extremes.

I also make the contact slowly build up, at first they may not know of each other's existence nor that they already had some small interactions with each other. Perhaps a hunter shot someone down from the other side, not even knowing what it was! Creation a possibly butterfly effect. Especially without direct communication technologies. (Even if those with magic can, not everyone has magic) So news travel slow, across massive distances. Think medieval times. Villages could be completely wiped out without anyone knowing or hearing about it until months later.
Grudges can be build up, and ripple into bigger events, and eventually a full on war. Some may not even know why they're at war, others make it their personal vendetta for personal things, and others may try to settle things down more peacefully although those may still be struck down if the other side doesn't agree on that! Making things even worse.

So there's a lot of different directions to go in, with a lot of different possibilities across a vast landscape, with hundreds or thousands of smaller stories, events and personalities, all contributing to what could head into any direction, either grim or peaceful.

There's a lot more that can be told, but that's also why I'm making an universe out of it. To try and do so with the help of art.
Hope I didn't go to deep, and it's still understandable where I'm coming from with this fan made universe. :)
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oh wow, you have improved so much!
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B-But what about love and tolerance?
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A kind of sense of adventure and excitement :D (Big Grin) ,

but it is beautiful. Heart 
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Interesting written description you wrote...
'The first contact between the Pony and the Griffon
Celestia and Luna wage a war against another civilization, a new found intelligent species.'
Especially the title...

The war between 2 species.
Oh cool the two sisters are teaming up. Light and Darkness yes...

Clever work.
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Wow, looking at this and then on your newest deviations it's absolutely clear that you have improved a LOT O_O Though, even this here is one of it's kind due to it's atmosphre wich i guess, is the main aspect.
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In all truth the griffons would be fucked seeing that equestria has unicorns with magic, pegasus which can fly so there advantage would be gone, a unbeatable workforce and warriors and to top it all off two who have all those traits but can also control the sun and the moon.
awesome, i love ur material, all has an epic feel and like the style!
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note to self: never trust griffons...... except black gryph0n
Nice to see Celestia and Luna fighting alongside their soldiers, because show and fanfics give them so little to do, making them useless all the time.
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Wow, like Equestria war!
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mmm esto me hace pensar en mi...
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*wrist watch transform into sword* some pony watch each other six!!!!
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*burp* "Nah" *takes out a halo4 rail gun* 
Well done, I know you meant it as a mass effect reference, but I couldn't help but think back to Equestria: Total War (fanfic) Nice work :D
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'Another war against a civilization. I wonder why should they dare try to attack others. Still, it is best to keep observing for a while, as we wait for our men to finish their crack-downs on their civilian magic users. They won't know what will strike them.'

- The Seeker of the Lands, the apprentice of The Templar.
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