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Fear the mare

Commission for Sura-Resch featuring OC "Swan Song" a Bogey Mare.

Beware, beware of your fear, for this pony is here.
I'm not a Zebra, so excuse my bad rhyming.

This was a fun interesting concept to work on. Similar to how the changelings absorb love, this pony here absorbs fear!

PS: Can you spot the "easter egg" addition? once you "see" it... It can be tricky to "see"

Fear the mare [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

If you're interested in a commission, you can see my info here: Commissions
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annnnd there is todays nightmare fuel

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Lyra ate Spike.......... i knew it. 
I always told Spike, dont get close to her....
he didnt listen... did he? *shakes head*
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Welp. I'm not getting any sleep tonight.
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There's something just right of the window, there's another eye surrounded by a shadow.  It's easier to see when you increase the image size but just barely.  Is it Sombra?
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Woooooohhhh so evil, a very professional digital art painting! The scenery and the character! A lot of cool OCs, everywhere!

Umm the easter egg? The spirit with the eye on the glass window? On the left above?

Just keep up the good work! This is awesome! :iconrainbowdashclapplz:
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Woah...spooky. Those eyes are pretty intense. I love how they really seem to glow.
XxReonxX315's avatar
Awesome... o 3 o
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Damn that is creepy... Those eyes...
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Don't fear the reaper.


G-d that was horrible.

I'm going to go ingest some cyanide now.
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The eyes sap at the fiber of my soul...
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This works into my head cannon. In Equestria, almost anything is up for grabs as food. Emotions included.

Wendigoes feed on rage. So much so that they take the passionate side of rage out of your hearts.

I came up with this hobgobliny thing that feeds on greed and want. It makes illusions of what you want and tempts you with them starting a never ending cycle of greed and want.

Nightmares are just exactly that. Before Luna walked dreams, nightmares were mares that would slip into dreams and invoke the greatest of fears in ponies. The best ones were said to even *kill* a pony in their sleep and get away with it. After all, ponies are the snacks that bite back if you do too much. Killing one or two ponies is going to insight fear in the waking population and give rise to more delicious fear soaked dreams.

I'm sure there are creatures that can sap away ones will... just haven't thought of what they should be called.

Samaru and I came up with a bird like creature that could feed on hope that wasn't evil. It could feed on some hopes to help others in time of need and then could re-instill that hope after the need was met.

Not sure if there are creatures that feed on compassion, but that's actually a terrifying thought. A creature that slips into your life, starts using you to do things for it, maybe small favors at first, and then it pretends to be sick and starving looking more and more pitiful as time goes by. And as this is happening, it's draining your compassion and life energy. By the time it's done, you've become a psychopathic mess who is clinging on the idea that you can 'save' the illusion that this creature has cast over you.

Changelings have the love market pretty much cornered...
creeepy..nice lighting round the eyes
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Wow quite creepy and yet I love the glowing eyes
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Awww.. her companion is barely visible in the final picture. Much easier to spot in the WIPs - thank god, because I know just who I'm gonna call in that case..

Those are lovely eyes^^ And I'm impressed by the amount of work that goes into the planning/sketching phase of your commission pictures
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Those eyes are just gorgeous x3 I love the lens flare effect you gave them.
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Is the Easter egg the eye up above her?

Very cool pic either way! :D Love her mouth!
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Badass OC... thanks, Santa! 
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Beware of the mare, to your fears she adheres...

Very interesting concept and a gorgeous drawing!
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Sauron is watching, I see.
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