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Fear of the Feathered

Time Lapse Part 1 (Line Art): [link]
Time Lapse Part 2 (Painting): [link]

WIP: [link]

Bane of those with feathers. Fear of the flying. A humble earth pony serving the Equestrian empire during the 'First contact war' with the Griffons.
She sought to find ways to defend those who walk the earth from the terror from skies, striking fear from below rather than above.

Edit: She's currently avoiding to reveal her name (i.e. I don't have a name for her yet :P)
Edit 2: And I shall name her Sky Siren
I liked the idea of her being a Siren. If Earth wasn't used in EarthPony I'd maybe called her Earth Siren.
She's entirely focused on the sky. She can't fly herself, those who can are who she fears. But it's also those who fear her.

A piece set in my time line revolving around a First contact war with the Griffons, which for me started back in August with this piece: [link]
It's definitely something I'd like to expand on in the future.

Started this piece in November, so took me quite some time to finish, but then here it is, finally!

I slowed myself down with this piece, taking a different approach. Mainly as in more time for Line Art. I also applied a bit of shading I learned from making Isometric Game Art, all in all, trying to create another experience, try things out etc. In terms of line art you could say I went back to my roots when I first started Pony art :D
Good fun though, unfortunately I hit some blocks along the way and it took longer than I expected. But hey, that's sometimes how things go.

In the end I'm still uncertain of my styles and ways of working though, focusing on one makes me feel like I lose the others. Which is slightly unsettling, but we'll see

Approx total time: 14 hours

Line art: [link]

Feel free to put up a comment or critique. I read and appreciate it all!
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gregeyman555's avatar
You've inspired me to do digital art when I saw your time lapse video!  Thank you so much! :D :D :D :D :D
AngelsKarith's avatar
hard to belive something that cute could be so terrible love her outfit
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Farenazar's avatar
Who's the boss?;) Love the idea, thank's for posting the making process.
DWeegee's avatar
I love it, She do need a name though and i will be bad at making a name
AssasinMonkey's avatar
She indeed needs to. I keep changing my mind though, never settling on one :XD: I'm so bad
broznik592's avatar
Eh heh... Upon closer inspection, this is a bit scarier than what I initially thought (d'aww, she's a pony that's afraid of heights yet hanging out with some griffons).
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Teehee, sorry yea. I tend to bring a somewhat darker side at time :XD:
But I did make her in a more gentle / misleading way :P

I kinda like your initial idea though :O
broznik592's avatar
She's just kinda sitting there innocent-like. Though I suppose that makes her all the more dangerous.
joeyh3's avatar
This is very well done! Her eyes are especially cute, despite what I take had just occurred prior?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Thanks :D
Considering my headcanon around this kind of involves a giant war... XD, I think what you think is right
I guess her looks can be deceiving :)
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CesiumMagnesium's avatar
Nice, I saw some of your livestream and it's fun to see how it turned out now. It feels a bit like Skyrim ^^
and 14 hours? wow that's much time, and I guess that's why it's so much sharper than many of your other pieces, but it feels like it's loosing some motion in that way. Anyway, awesome painting
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Thank you and Nice to hear you managed stop by my stream :D

This piece indeed turned out different than the usual (and took longer :P ). Went more the way I approach 2D Game Art
Bit less painterly and rough, though I guess it all works in its own way.
CesiumMagnesium's avatar
Yes definitely, you give something away to get something else back, and in this case you got a really clear image that's enjoyable to look at.
crasydwarf's avatar
Turned out great mate. Really awesome looking.
Very well done :)
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