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Farm Threnody

Character  applejack Location  Equestria

Approx Time: ?! Between 4~8 hours
Photoshop CC

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There is something reminding me of Norman Rockwell, in this style of drawing.

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Absolutely beautiful work as always!!!!!

Adorable, pretty Applejack!!! ^^

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That's both impressive and scary.

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God this is beautiful

PeppermintPresents88's avatar
It really feels like a norman rockwell picture bravo x3
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Amazing, great job!

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Reminds me very much of a Norman Rockwell painting! Gorgeous work! Love the shadow and lighting. ^_^

Jose-Ramiro's avatar

Awesome job, as always.

RigbyH00ves's avatar

Heck mate....I wish I had your understanding of light and shadow.

It kinda reminds me a bit of those Saturday Evening Post covers. Lovely work as always!

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Wow, she's beautiful!! NCMares

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AJ looks awesome.

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How in Nietzsche's name can you crank a masterpiece like this out in an afternoon?

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And I can tell by the way you're listening

That you're still expecting to hear

Your name being called

Like a summons to all

Who have failed to account for their doubts and their fears--

They can't add up to much without you

And so if it were just up to me

I'd take hold of your hand

Saying, come hear the band

Play your song at the Jubilee

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She looks very cute with suspenders.

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