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Fall Fresh [GIF]

Still version: Fall Fresh

better with some music

Edit: I figured out what I was doing wrong... so now I got both a GIF and SWF.
GIF version of: Fall Fresh [ANI]

"Decided to do a rough very basic animation. It's just moving layers around using Photoshop's animation timeline. If I had After Effects installed I might've been able to do a bit more, but also maybe not... because it wasn't exactly intended to do more than move around. Having all the layers separated from background, but not much more.

Anyhow, little different than my usual stuff! Showing what happens when I go out of my main comfort zone and try exploring a bit further and further. Then stumble all over this.

Perhaps at one point I'll expand upon this. Hair flowing, her legs, blinking etc. Maybe..."

Fall Fresh by AssasinMonkey
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would be dope if you made her  body move with the wind produced by her falling but its a nice drawing man
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shes probably thinking "just another saturday"
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it seems like Alice when is falling in the rabbit's burrow
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:iconapplejackplz::iconsays3plz:"Yeah, I'm falling.  Whatever."
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Someone catch her!
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That would most likely be Rainbow to the rescue
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Just imagine the pain if you were to animate the hair.
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