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Fall Fresh [ANI]

Update: GIF Version, once I figured out what oversight I was doing wrong...
Fall Fresh [GIF]

Decided to do a rough very basic animation. It's just moving layers around using Photoshop's animation timeline. If I had After Effects installed I might've been able to do a bit more, but also maybe not... because it wasn't exactly intended to do more than move around. Having all the layers separated from background, but not much more.

Anyhow, little different than my usual stuff! Showing what happens when I go out of my main comfort zone and try exploring a bit further and further. Then stumble all over this.

Perhaps at one point I'll expand upon this. Hair flowing, her legs, etc. Maybe...

Fall Fresh by AssasinMonkey
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Mas movimiento en la falda estaría bien
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This has a romantic anime feel about it.
like a bitter sweet ending on a story that leaves you wishing the story would not end
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Once you start playing with Smart Objects and the Video Timeline (rather than the Frame Timeline), you might be able to do things like having flowing hair and flapping skirt, all while shifting overall position:…

I've been playing around with animation myself. Takes a *lot* of time, but the results can be pretty fun!
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"Long as ah got mah apples, ah don't even care.
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Cool animation! But I've got to say, those must be some pretty heavy apples Wink/Razz
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