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Faint Retinue

The First Contact War OC run gets another one from the Marem of the Equine I made a year ago.
I made #4 from a couple weeks ago in Marked Mare who was a favourite amongst them, although I always quite liked #1, maybe it's the freckles :P

One key aspect of all the OCs from the set is, they have no real known identity, no name, no job specifications, etc. That's something I've been wanting to keep to visual story telling here. One may almost assume that the Marem's looks may be deceiving, more dangerous or fierce than they may appear.

And oh gosh, I actually finished this, in one session. I kinda had some thoughts I might make this a two Saturday session piece, which would've been the smart choice, but I wanted to wait until detailing on the outer areas started. Then I just kept going, since those were decently manageable.

Inspired and looked at some historical paintings, assisting the overall style. But pony design and accompanying apparatus. Or well, just some armor and stuff lying around :P

Making this pose, with this shading, while trying to retain that physique and proportion 'from my usual style (with a bit from the reference too), can be fun tricky at times. I did take some liberties, though, to make the process easier. Thicken this, thin that, shorten here, lengthen there, etc.
She did also end up with a bit more visual... allure

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy this little green mare! (I remember choosing these colours to challenge and make them work, just a bit, color variation to not get stuck with specific hues)

Approx time: 12 hours
Photoshop CC
Faint Retinue [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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snowyplushQwQ's avatar
Ay kid that glass be broken you better go on ahead and fix it! °w°
twisrterfenix's avatar
i stiil don't kown how do you achieve that old painting style it's so beautiful
LunalaCrevan's avatar
This is in my faves!Amazing MLP work!
busterkeatonrules's avatar
I've seen actual Renaissance paintings that didn't look as good as this. The level of detail alone is amazing. You rock!
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Wow. I know this is someone's OC but I'd frame and hang this just because. This is amazing. 
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Angeltsuki-Dono's avatar
Dude, this is so gorgeous I hate myself.
ProSonicIncorporated's avatar
Quite a few names going on the list today.
spacewolflord's avatar
Simply lovely work.
Thank you for sharing.
MenmaShii's avatar
That, is just so impressive ... 
DBrentOGara's avatar
The detail and shading in this piece are breathtaking... I cannot even imagine doing all this in one single session. :love:
  ...I really hope you used a ton of reference... 'cause if you did all this from scattered memories I'm going to be sick (with desperate, burning jealousy).
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Phenomenal. Simply brilliant brilliant artwork!
cajobif's avatar
Amazing piece
DarkApostleMatt's avatar
Your art is always impressive, good work
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timmainsson's avatar
Your ability to master the background is breathtaking.  You leave the viewer with a feeling of there is more to a story with the use of detail and light and dark in the scenery 
templar127's avatar
Oh my gosh!!! WOW!
cottoncloudyfilly's avatar
this is so lovely!I love the coloring and lighting here
WhiteHershey's avatar
Looks like something from Layers of Fear
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
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