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Facet of the Gem

After making Applejack in this style, I thought Rarity would work in it as well. So I did.
While listening to some fitting Ludovico Einaudi.

I made Applejack fancier based on her Applejewel appearance, but how do I make an already fancy pony fancier? Hairstyles of course!. I got in a hairy situation, but I managed to brush myself out of it.

I'm having too much fun with these ears haha, there's something enjoyable about them, getting that mix between human, horse and stylistic elements. The entire face shape in general, though. But the ear is more noticable in comparison to some other designs I've used.

Going into 2016, I actually did not expect or planned to do this style again. It was a nice surprise on how well it seemed to work for me. I had the same feeling a year ago with the figurine style. It just kinda happened, and worked.

Approx Time: 5,5 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Facet of the Gem [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyJewel in the Rough by AssasinMonkey

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That ear, though. Most humanpony ear I've ever seen. And that's not a bad thing.
N3sTlyPhaNtoM's avatar
It's soooo real >.<
Alidli's avatar
Oh my god my heart just dropped :"D
ijustloveit619's avatar
Someday I'm gonna put this in a portrait the size of a wall and hang it there ;D
Tr1nks1e's avatar
Lovely! She is a beauty!
Hunternif's avatar
Woah those are some intense pony ears! :o
Superb work
Plezzex's avatar
WhiteWaterBlackSheep's avatar
Those cheeks reminded me of Porky the Pig haha. That's really the only thing I have to say about it. Looks very professional, so kudos.

Netjes netjes
TheShadowscale's avatar
Is it just me or are these getting awfully close to the Uncanny Valley?
RaveYard's avatar
I have to agree...
Marrow-Pony's avatar
This is going to be an interesting year from you i'm sure. I'm loving all the new styles and this one is no exception! I kinda wish I could see the hair a little more clearly though. Still she looks totally living and the darkness I think really helps with that
cajobif's avatar
Awesome work
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
It's so lovely! I can't deny though, I love the hair most
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Wendy-Crescent's avatar
It came out real nice Monkey :)
BenPanced-II's avatar
You are going from strength to strength in artistic terms.  Marvelous!
Joakaha's avatar
Beautiful! ^,^
BlueDouble's avatar
Love it! It's got a very classical look with the subtle layering of strokes building up to a complex surface texture/color. The high contrast reminds me of Rembrandt's portraits where he would put part of the face in deep shadow. The super tiny highlights on the eyes are also a great touch, especially the one you can just barely make out on the far eye.
Tricakill's avatar
This is so realistic :o 
Mokey1980s's avatar
"I got in a hairy situation, but I managed to brush myself out of it."

...I C Wut U did thar =p
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