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Faces of FCW #01

New stuff for my First Contact War universe.

Doing some concepts for faces from both Equines and Gryphons. (Instead of the usual single illustration Saturdays)
Trying to go for a larger variation, which is way easier with gryphons because birds... There's tons of bird choices out there. Equines, comparably a lot less.
It's also been a way to play around with my style a bit. Fine-tuning it, experimenting a bit.

I may use these as a reference for larger scenes, which I'll try to do again next Saturday. I won't have to work out a complete new design on the spot. There could be fun scenarios with some of them already. Either alone or in groups. And with some possible back-stories to them.

Which one is your favourite?!

PS: Had to colour one of them for fun, though. During the stream #4 of course reminded everyone of a certain fluffy pony

Approx Time: 8-9 hours total

There's no WIP for this one unfortunately, I did them all on one layer each. (Easy to do with greyscale like this)

You can support me on my Patreon to help keep all this possible. Every little bit is much appreciated, and you can also receive additional perks such as HighRes and PSD packs!
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They look so real, it's creepy.  It really is.  O.o
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#1, 2, 3, and 8 are my favorites.

You've got the strong-looking type (1), the weak/old (2), the fat/fluffy owl (3), and your generic pony (8). 

#1's character design is pretty cool. The expression on #2's face was drawn very well. The shading looks very good for #3. 
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I love this it looks like one of those darker concept art pieces for an animated movie or book, Love it! very nostalgic for me! how you did this is awesome.
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I like the first griffon (however you spell it). He has the same pissed-off expression of real life eagles :XD:
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they all look scary, well not number 8, that one is pretty, but the rest i would burn. Number 1 looks like he eats fillies O-O and maybe number 3,4 and 9 are okay too, but number 1 and the rest creep me out XD
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Gahhhhhhh, always looks so amazing. 
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Well, 'all birds' is certainly a large set to find inspiration from. However I think your limited variation among the equines is more a result of a higher level of anthropomorphism.  But if you want more variation I suggest extending your pool of inspiration from equines to all ungulates. It won't match the birds but will certainly be sufficient. If you want the 'audience' to identify and sympathize with the equines, maintaining the anthropomorphic traits is probably necessary. However a few 'allied ungulate warriors' with lower levels of anthropomorphism might preferably enrich your fauna. 

#4 is my favorite, not sure why... looks like a clever and sly llama guy
#1 looks like a badass but sensible warrior
#5 looks like a rabbit (like the duck rabbit illusion) ;) 
#3 looks like a middle manager who just tries to do his job and is tired of having to babysit inexperienced staff. 
#7 ehm, dino duck clown? Plumage and face jars. Perhaps have the plumage only sweep backwards. I like that both the beak and the plumage ends in arcs. While sweeping backwards keep the feathers raised and separated to signal agitation. (I grew up with a parrot...)
#9 looks friendly and trustworthy
#2 looks to be a single mother holding two jobs and a smoking habit, but she makes it work.
#8 looks pretty. But she seems lost in thought, is she perhaps worrying about something...
#6 is disfigured and looks weak and tired. I don't like that (is that perhaps the point?). I want him to look a bit angry, fortified by his inflicted wounds and experiences. Turning his head away from the shadow with gritted teeth.

This was an amazing set of drawings. As you can see I've had a lot of fun with them.
i hope you wanted some response and that I haven't wasted both our time with this. Well in any case it was enjoyable. Looking forward to more of your awesomeness. 
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It's always fun to hear how others look at each of them!

The equines definitely have a more pre-defined approach to them. While I do have prsence of other species besides equine, this was primarily focused on them since they are a group of their own. I also set each side up to be a bit more towards asymmetrical. Where Gryphons and Equines don't really mirror. Both in culture, appearances and other aspects. It's one aspect of the world I'm building.

I've introduced Zebra and Bovine before, which each have their own unique presence in the world. But I could certainly include them in things like these in the future, where it's not primarily the two primary forces.
I kinda follow the lines of the show in that regard, where there's a much bigger presence of ponies compared to any of the other species. (Donkeys, Mules, Zebra, Minotaur, Goat, etc.)
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What exactly is the 7º?
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I have no idea. I went with some shapes, ended up duck beaked, but then added the fangs, while also still having the big hair-due. It also almost feels like having a scaled neck.
I guess it's the platypus of the Gryphons hehe.
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You know, that works for me
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These look really cool. I especially like the owl griffon.
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I love birds so this is awesome :D
I love how realistic they look and how you blended a bit of cartoonism into it at the same time :)
TigerGeekGuy's avatar
1 and 8 are amazing!
Engavar's avatar
1 is awesome! he looks like a tribal chief or something :D
they're all amazing though :DLa la la la :happybounce: 
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I love 2 and 6! its just

the emotion is amazing! I love it!
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will there be a fanfiction story for this series? or a comic?
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Number seven kinda looks like Coco from Foster's.
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