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Experiments of those Horned

The horned equines, tapping into a world full of potential magical powers. Albeit not all get to fully explore great heights. To non-horned they all just wield a mystical force all the same, but to those within such groups it often lies vastly different. Masters and apprentices... and test subjects, a hierarchy of power and knowledge. Different ponies have different strengths, affinities, and choices to make. Some disregard safety for others, with unfortunate side effects to those around them, including their own students. Not all explore such dangers, but those who do can often do so in full secrecy, leaving the results unchecked into open lands.

An age of endless unknowns.
More somewhat different than usual concepts for my First Contact War universe!
Although I've had some... interesting things before I guess hah. This one again hits a bit closer to home. While last Saturday I covered the Pegasi and their abandoning of those without wings, it's now up to the Unicorns to show what treatments they give each other.

It's a topic a bit more open and wild because of the nature of magic. One that's also not limited to unicorns, but there for almost everything in the world. Some more attuned than others. Lots of possible powers with seemingly endless strength. Of course I had to choose the more grim ones hehe. That what can happen anywhere with anybody.

Focused a bit more on the cloth and goo this time around. Also spend plenty of time derping on the face :XD: I kept fixing it. Something about the angle downwards felt awkward with some shapes.
The pink didn't exactly help I think.

PS: Maybe... this "goo" is related to what we've already seen in the show itself. Who knows? Magic is just that weird but also everywhere I guess.

Approx Time: 12 hours
Photoshop CC 2015
Experiments of those Horned [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyWing Pariah by AssasinMonkey

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Wow this freaked me out so bad, I have no idea why!
The concept is really interesting although I feel creeped out for some reason. I'm still having a hard time understanding what the story behind this image is about even though you explained it quite well in the description.
She seems so sad and... well... empty.

Also, may I ask if she's a random OC?
And I'm terribly sorry to say this, but those greenish... things... are disgusting me. Are they some kind of poison plant?

But overall your drawing technique is still as amazing so good job to you!
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Excellent, I like the dim lighting of the scenery. Altough it resembles your portraiture style, which I'm not really much into (I liked more the open environment and day lighting pictures), on these last pictures, it seems fine.

I really love the eyes, they sort of shine, which gives it a magical feeling - that might be connected to green being somewhat complementary to purple (it's yellow sometimes, but there is really small gap between them). Makes them vibrate with radiant energy, which is really cool. It might be just the goo's reflection, or maybe it's something supernatural about the unicorn. Feels mysterious, the whole picture, which is definitelly good for the feeling. Blending the dark shades together while using very sharp contrast in other parts of the image is great technique how to give it nice touch - you handled that very well here.

Couldn't help myself but notice few things though. The blue piece of cloth on her torso kinda doesn't respect her left foreleg shoulder, or it just doesn't seem to me like it does. Maybe a bit more shadow down there in the left part of the cloth would help it feel more following the shape of the shoulder, but that might be just me.

Another thing that caught my attention is the "halo" surrounding the character's head. I'm not sure how it happened, my guess is that you were doing some corrections to the character's layer, but instead of rolling with eraser, you used directly the color of the background, which is something you probably usually do in one layer pictures, but felt unnessecary here in multi-layer (which I know it was, cause I was watching parts of the stream <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> ).

Overall I rate the image really high, nice work, keep it up!
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I am absolutely loving the darker themes to your recent images. They are very insightful, inspiring, and interesting. Not only that but they remind me of Baroque period paintings, or at least Chiaroscuro paintings, with the heavy contrast of light and dark. Just beautiful. Please continue making this type of art, it is truly amazing and it's not every day you see ponies drawn like this.
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Creepy looking goo. Nice job on the piece however
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I love how you paint ponies :D
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Nice how her pink fur stands out compared to the dark blackground. And really love her expression
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Why do I see Garnet hear?
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Awesome :-)
Every time I am so happy, when I see your new pics.
And this is normaly a beautiful pic.

Sorry for my english :-)
Keep on
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She looks so sorrow, I want to hug her!
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Yeah. This goo is clinging to her leg. And she is taking it like a champ! Not worried or distressed at all!
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Yay! This is great!
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Amazing!!! <3 
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