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Everfree Hunt

'Tis dangerous out there...

Finally out of that rut. Human focus and of course Applejack. Plus some armour and such.
Low face angle was great to practice, took a bit figuring things out but I think it turned out allrighty.

Now as for the story in this... I'll let y'all think about that one

Approx Time: 15 hours
Time lapse:

Everfree Hunt [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

Everfree Hunt by AssasinMonkeyEverfree Crusade by AssasinMonkeyEverfree Journey by AssasinMonkey
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This is incredible I love the detail on the armor especially the cutie mark apples on the side. The detail on the hair gives it the realistic look and dirty blonde look . love the shade look on her face from her hat as well. The only thing I question is the shield interesting design of an giant apple with the stem part sticking out it looks like it would break off in battle if not careful (if the shield was recreated) but there is no complaints. I admire your creatively with the shield its so her!

also Winonna looks so adorable
background is detailed is it supposed to be everfree? I like the detail of the spiderwebs in the background
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I was so interested in when I did my critique of Apple Bloom that I forgot to see if perhaps you did one of her big sister, Applejack...

One look at this, and I am impressed by how well this piece turned out just like the one for Apple Bloom. With the sword and shield, armor, and Winona by her side, A.J. look ready for going after whatever might be in the woods to bring home for dinner, or to keep her little sister safe from harm with how dangerous some parts of Equestria are.

I can't wait to see what else you might do during the hiatus between now and Rainbow Rocks and Season 5! I hope you do something for the rest of the Mane Six or the other Cutie Mark Crusaders!! I would love that very much!!!
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Figured I give this critique thing another shot.
Well, let's start with the positives: The technique is stellar, huge props for pulling off the perspective on the face. The bow gives the thing a nice little story. Love the little details you put in (the holes in the hat brim, the wolves in the background).
Now, lets get to nitpicking:
-Unless AJ is sporting pornstar levels of rack, there is no need for her chestplate to be quite so.. chesty: wrapping and tucking can do a lot.
-Her arms seem just a bit too short, specifically the elbows look like they're sitting just a bit too high.
-Finona's foreleg seems a bit too shaggy/bendy for a dog her size
-Trees in a forest usually don't have branches that close to the ground
-The stem part on the shield seems a bit large to be practical
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here's my nit-pick: the dogs name is Winona, not Finona. silly
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Huh, I seriously thought her name was Finona.
How about that.
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Glad to hear the little story elements add nicely to it. That was something I never really planned out until later in the process, looking back at how things went I could've very well missed out on doing those as it doesn't seem part of my routine yet to think about it.
Certainly something I feel like I should see myself doing more :)

- The chestplate is indeed fairly curved still. I could've wrapped her chest up a bit more underneath, though I went for the simpler padding way, same way the boys do hehe. Staying in between the Male <> Fantasy Female range of armours. While I deliberately chose not to do skimpy "less = more armour points" I hadn't really thought to much about pushing it a lot towards default (/male) armour shapes.
PS: I feel sorry for those who sport these sizes by default, they often number as much as any others here :P

-The arms and legs certainly gave me some problems, although I think I managed to fix the legs eventually, the arms still held to a position that were harder to portrait properly which I also didn't exactly change to make it easier hehe. It's primarily the Sword arm, which is positioned with the elbow further backwards.
Due to the angle towards the camera, it ended up being almost purely foreshortening I had to do.
So I tried to at least hit at it with the end of the sleeve, the inside opening being visible and the bracelet giving off the surface line and direction. But the shading (and hand perhaps) probably didn't turn out exactly how planned. Perhaps some more folds in the bend wouldn't have hurt.

- Winona's leg kinda suffers the same, the shading playing a bit of a role. Though for her, I didn't spend too much detail in it (low to the ground). Being cut off by the foreground might not help too much either hehe.

- While trees do seem to favour top branches, there are most certainly trees that have very low branches like this, some different than others. Sometimes even lower than knee height. I used those tall thin trees, I think Cedar, Pine or perhaps it was one of the others, as inspiration. The thing with those low branches is that they're often quite dead as they get sun blocked by trees growing taller and taller around them. No praising the sun for them. Which I tried to also portray here, keeping down broken, bare, kinda sad, adding a bit to the darkish atmosphere.

- That stem has been a bit of a bother at times hehe. What is it for, how can it be used. I thought about how tower shields can be quite view blocking, so it felt ok to have something up higher. I imagined it being a bit sharp, possible fit for stabbing (wide stretched arm swing from the side as example) or something to give at least some protection while looking over the shield.
Doesn't take away that the primary reason for it being there is, Apple :XD:
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What ya could do fer the arm to make it resemble going back more is give it some stress folds in the sleeve that would dictate a retracting gesture, where as it is here, it's rather flat and uniform.

Btw, about the armor, it's technically fine. The only issue is with folks thinkin' Applejack don't got a rack like that.... which I don't see why she wouldn't.
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Wow she looks awesome
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Let me guess, her hat is also steel trimmed on the inside?
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A warrior fighting off timberwolves in the Everfree Forest with her dog Winona by her side. Awesome idea! :D (Big Grin) 
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Am saving the whole Apple Knights series.

And also, faving.
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I'm reminded of the Hedge Knight by George R.R. Martin
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Dem timberwolves dun f***ed up.
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Winona looks beautiful there.
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Every Apple knew that winter would inevitably come... and they all knew what winter would inevitably bring.
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Holy buck this looks simply vivid and amazing. Well done. Kinda reminds me of Game of Thrones for some reason. XD
The Art of a song of ice and Fire is very similar. 

the First contact war Universe that AssasinMonkey is making Reminded me a lot of the war between the First men and the children of the Forrest.
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i absolutely loved these and if possible would very much love to see more of them
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Applejack the knight with Winona...

Wow what an impressive fan art. Just outstanding.... Very good scenery, the way you did Applejack's armor, equipment and her too, also Winona. Apple sword hehe!

Oh no I think I see 2 timberwolves on the back, on the fog... Be careful Applejack and Winona, the enemy is closer than you think...

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A cowboy hat and armor? And the .. the ... well its nice looking i guess though the dog and head are shaded oddly for no aparent effect
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'Tis my kinda lass~
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