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Ever Free Hydra

Just a random little piece, keeping it rough. Although it wouldn't hurt to have more refinement. But I wanted to keep it "fast", then ended up... keeping it fast, hah.

Started out as just an Applejack VS some kind of monster, which turned into a dragon, and then proceeded to grow some extra heads, which also grew into almost canvas filling things. Basically.
And a quick little Apple here and there. Or just in the corner.

This was a combination of trying to revisit not just rough painting again, since my last uploads were all linebased, but also creatures, a bigger dynamic scene and atmosphere. Could've also ended up with human AJ as main focus, but perhaps for another piece. Of course more Applejack hah.

One thing with these ratio bound compositions, though, is they're hard to balance between print size and desktop, and w/e. I ended up with my default ratio and resolution here, but it'll have to adjust if I'd want to print it on common paper sizes. I could of course do custom sized print, or cut it, but it'd fall out of line and may be more expensive.

Anyhow, hope y'all enjoy a little action piece! I may make more creatures in the future.

Approx time: 6~7 hours
Photoshop CC
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Ever Free Hydra [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Man, you just keep improving! O_O
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The lighting is amazing. *____*
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
AJ confirmed as Hercules.... >8)
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Impressive work!
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Damn! Okay, I know that Applejack is a badass, but who fights a hydra with a sword?! Everyone knows that when you cut off one head, two more will take its place.
Bubblegumdove's avatar
You're redesign of the Hydra is so damn detailed and lethal! Great stuff!
zariots's avatar
Now, that looks awesome!!
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This is really an awesome looking dragon. I love the reflection on his scale, and the sheer monstrosity its size suggest ^^. Now, I want to see more fantasy stuff drawn by you x).
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Alright, that is...well, it is pretty fucking intimidating.

Great work on the sense of scale...Jackie looks positevely tiny compared with the hydra.
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Mother of sunPon!
DiseasedPariah's avatar
This looks straight outta dark souls
         Chibi AppleJack Icon 
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You always impress
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Hahahahah. That's a good one.

This drawing is amazing. :) 
I look forward to what other creatures you create.
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Whoa! The great and heroic apple.

Awesome work
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