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Equine Magisters

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

Knowledge is power, but it can also lead to danger.

Quite pleased with the result of this one (after a week of things not working out). Kept it rough, so that part maybe not as much. Such as the timber wolfs, eh. they're timber, they are bits and pieces. I suppose it works.

Anywho, little more profession exploration. Unfortunately for this pony it doesn't seem like the safest one...
I'll let you figure out the exacts behind this piece yourself, though.

Approx time: 7,5 hours
Time lapse: Pending
(there's so many recordings still waiting.... I can't keep up)
Magister [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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Hello just wanted to stop by. You have such amazing art 😄 just curious if you take art trades?

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So ... she went to study things in the Everfree Forest, got a study lodge built, and some Timber wolfs decided her mortgage was overdue, right?
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I wonder who she serves, twilight? Could be Celestia since she is wiser >_<
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Such a great work! I am thinking about getting a art wokr from you! So, keep a eye on the notes. :D
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Thanks! Much appreciated. I'll be looking forward to the note :)
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Wow, great job capturing all the motion in this piece. It's like a whirlwind.
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This artwork is amazing. The detail, facial expressions everything.
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Looks great :) love the whole First Contact War universe
Neko-Neko-Sama's avatar
I favorited it yesterday or something? I don't remember, but I forgot to comment! How silly of me..
This is absolutely GORGEOUS!
 Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
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You art style really brings a charm to the pieces you make, keep up the good work :D
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stunning, as always!
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Query on the "First Contact War" setting rather than the specific picture: I understand this setting is pre-Nightmare Moon and post-Discord? If so, the Ponies have full-powered Luna and Celestia with concomitant control of the Sun and Moon _and_ a working set of the Elements of Harmony - seems a bit stacked in the Pony's favor, wouldn't a pre-Discord, pre-Princesses situation work better if it's to be a balanced conflict? Or is _supposed_ to be imbalanced?

(Love the art, BTW! :) )
AssasinMonkey's avatar
It's definitely pre-Nightmare Moon, but I'm not sure yet if it plays before or after Discord. While Discord did once rule over Equestria, we have no idea of exactly when. During the S4 finale Tirek knew about Discord, which could be either from before or after Discord's ruling as well. Which also just brings the question of how long there even was between Discord and Nightmare Moon. (With how the show throws around 1000 years, I'd say... probably 1000 years haha)
Then I guess there's also the story of Hearts Warming Eve, but that barely gives a clear unaltered idea of history, it could've been just a snippet over a long period of time. They used a banner in that stage play showing both princesses in the end, which could either mean the princesses came into existence then, or were there before but just not among those ponies.
Basically, there's a lot still open, which can be an advantage. I've left the exact time for my universe fairly open as well. (apart from the NMM part)

Anyhow, I think even if they have the Elements, I'll be trying to balance it out. One of my main ideas behind the conflict is one of asymmetry. So it can be hard to give an objective view on how balanced they are, as it's 2 great civilizations, spread across lands.
I have given the Gryphons way larger sizes so far. From the average Gryphon to the ancients the size of Tirek in his ultimate form. Which probably counts for some advantages, and just about all of them come naturally equipped with talons and wings.
I also covered "elements" through the keepers I've created. Suspected to be similar to the tree of harmony. Who knows what they might be used for hehe. :P
Could even be that the Gryphons have found their own kind of magic, like the Alicorn amulet, or better yet the magic Zecora uses. Or them using the mega fauna?! (Dragons, Ursas, Hydras, Cragadillys, Chimeras, etc.)

Lots of possibilities and I've barely scratched the surface myself, but hopefully it'll all be interesting :D
All these choices are some of the main reasons I like working on this.
I'm glad you're liking the art and wondering about the setting! Much appreciated :)
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Those timberwolves look pretty intimidating when they are bi dimensional
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Still a master of your craft, looking fantastic. :) 
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Mage 1: Wait, you told her the spell did what?
Mage 2: Summoned firewood. The spell does do that, doesn't it?
Mage 1: Yeah! By creating a horde of timbre wolves!
Mage 2: ... oooooh, that's what that blip on the nexus diagram was...
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Woah!!! This looks epic!!! :wow: :omg: :omfg: :O
Love the OC's design and colors, by the way! :D :D :D
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This is why you don't make books out of Timberwolf pulp.
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Timberwolves tore up a library?  Oh, if Twilight could time travel, she'd be pissed.  xD
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I love that pic *-*
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Very neat work! 
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