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Equestrian Power Pony Girls

Edit: 3 more little Chibis to complete the set

New Equestria Girls Short fanart addition!
Special: Movie Magic!

Well, they did say "ponies"although they were lacking quite a few hooves. Either way, it was fun to see the human counterparts in these outfits haha. I like when they put in references to the show. Those are some of the main reasons I like Equestria Girls, whether it's a character, outfit, or location showing up again, it's like being reintroduced to it for the "first" time. That fresh feeling, that joyful surprise.

Anyhow, wanted to keep on track on making EQG Specials related stuff, so I just went with these. There were other newer outfits, and these Power Pony outfits have had plenty of time to be humanized in the fandom already, but it was a nice excuse to make em.

I will be updating this with the remaining Mane 6 throughout this week hopefully, so no worries I'll get to them hehe.

I also kinda made this in mind possibly being turned into charms, stickers, or something, but I'd have to look into places to get em made. Or if there's someone who could get em made and delivered to me at a con, well then that would be even better of course hah. But yea, no solid plans on that yet.

Anyhow, hope y''all enjoy.

Approx Time: 1-3 hours each... roughly
Photoshop CC
Equestrian Power Pony Girls [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I'm guessing they couldn't get the rights to say "Power Girls"
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Ironic how these outfits can work in a MHA series
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Hehe, these are adorable. Yes, including the Maneac :D
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This is the way you wanna spend every day, laughing with your friends and keeping sadness away. Join in and see, we can be happy and free. Life is full of fun when we're all CHIBI 
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But the set is not complete.
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love you little chibi style
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Man all these look fantastic! Love these costume!
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They all look so cute!
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super adorable!!
great picture!
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M A G I C     Nobody Cares!  (Spongebob comment/chat emoticon) 
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Did RD and Sunset wear wigs or something to look more accurate to their characters they were playing here, because in my opinion their hair looks way different than it usually does.
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Maybe? For Pete sake though, stop spamming everyone with these questions!
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What happened to their hair for this???
Cinnamon-Swirls's avatar
It doesn't look THAT bad!

Also, imo short hair suits Rainbow's voice and tomboyish personality a bit better though I don't mind long hair either.
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The hair they gave looks terrible to me. It's my opinion, don't get mad.
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