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Equestria Run

Gotta run!

Equestria Girl style?! Those who have seen Rainbow Rocks probably recognize it, (Edit: The ones made by :iconisitlunchyet:)
Although I didn't make it exactly the same. Keeping my own style in it, which shows in the roughness of my lines heh. Mostly also because I'm simply unfamiliar with this, but it's fun! Need to make more humans, regardless of style (realistic, cartoonish, etc.)

I will actually be "running" to Brony-Fair this Friday and won't be back till Monday.
Which I totally didn't use as an excuse to make this Applejack. Which is actually the truth... because I just wanted to make Applejack in a pose with more motion.

Approx Time: 2 hours? (lost track)
Equestria Run [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This is a dynamic pose and I love it because of that! Plus with the added color that makes it look like one of those drawings from the end of the movie...that's like one of those good bonus deals.
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Very pretty. <3 AJ :D
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Also, you popped up on Equestria Daily.
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Awesome! Love the angle and perspective.
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I really love this style they used! And a version by AM? Hell yeah!
Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                               Request- Free Applejack icon 
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Tagging :iconisitlunchyet: - she was the one who drew those end credits sketches
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Are those closing credit sketches online? I couldn't find them on her DA for some reason. :\
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Sadly, they are not. At some point she hopes to get permission from Hasbro/DHX to make prints of them. Other artists have made vectors of them though.
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They aren't on my DA because contractually I can't post art I make for the production on my personal page (I work for the show as a board artist). It's Hasbro's property after all!

 But, they are EVERYWHERE if you google them! (Which is very weird for me)
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Yeah, It doesn't make much sense for it to be spread around by screen cappers and not be able to get it straight from the artist responsible. Very weird indeed. -_-

EDIT: In any case, I really loved the art at the end of Rainbow Rocks. The way they were presented with the ending credit music was just fantastic. <3
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I just meant it's weird to see my little doodles out there en mass. It's not weird at all that I can't make those things available myself. I don't own the images, Hasbro does, and it's up to them to make official merchandise/ distribution. I'm glad it's not mine to post or manage actually, 'cause I'm laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyy. 

Glad you liked the end credits!- I also boarded/timed out where all the images went for the most part, so that was fun.
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Out of curiosity, do you happen to know if your art will be included in the "My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria" artbook? (If you're allowed to say that)

I'd love to get the artbook once it comes out, and it'd be awesome if your work is included!

I won't mind if Hasbro decides to release more art separately :D
It's nice to know at least who made them!
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I don't know! It'd be cool if it was, but I think its unlikely. I haven't been on the show staff that long in the scheme of things. 
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Oooh, thanks for mentioning. I wasn't aware of who made them! That's awesome.
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I see you already made friends on Twitter too. :D
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You did a great job maintaining your own style while building from the Rainbow Rocks style. And as someone who loved those drawings at the end, this is absolutely awesome! Love the dynamic!
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"Fuck you I'm gonna switch styles like it's no big deal"
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