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Been a while since I had done a massive scale creature. Last one probably being my: Timberwolf Emperor
I've done large creatures, but not exactly mountainous, cloud touching ones. Beasts that test the limits of the sky.
So finally, before the end of this year I decided to make one.

Didn't even start out with the creature, though. Added that in later. (See WIP)

Quite fun to do! I guess also some inspiration from the east in this.
I've been wanting to do some more Asian type stuff, although I didn't exactly expect it to be like this.

Anywho, basically wanting to make some art, and then I did.
If only I kept better track of the time spend... there's some journals I can get an approximate from.

PS: I still want to make something bigger, this aint big enough.

Approx Time: ~17 hours (give or take some)
Endeavour [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I think this piece is absolutely amazing and definitely deserves more comments and faves. This is a very beautiful and detailed drawing and i just love it. i feel like the "giant creature" thing is a little cliche, but whatever you like! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> The grass, the rocks, everything looks so real. Like i said before, the giant creature type deal is sort of cliche so it didnt impact me as much as a new idea would have. but other than that, this is the best piece ive seen all year. love it! this is my 1rst critique btw, so im sorry if i sound a little dorky.
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I wish I could draw like this 😩
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………… Is that robin wearing armour?
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Unleashed Omegadontis (3)(R)
Creature- Beast
Defender, trample
Sacrifice two lands: Unleashed Omegadontis looses Defender, gets +8/+0, and gains "At the beginning of each end step; if Unleashed Omegadontis did not deal combat damage to a player this turn or the last, sacrifice it." (This effect last indefinitely.)
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NOT BIG ENOUGH?!?! It looks like it has factories on it's head. How is that not big enough? O_O
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Holy balls, that's epic!
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Saying that mega monster is impressive is an understatement. I love the idea of a creature on that scale breaking loose and causing destruction, even if (or especially if) it doesn't have any notion of our human scale. Good thing we have that tiny warrior on the tree coming to our defense. :)


A very happy and prosperous new year to you. :)
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Dude.. this is so badass. This is immediately going to be my wallpaper.
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I have no clue if anyone's ever said this, but your art looks like it would be right at home on a Magic: The Gathering card.
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It could read: And the Giant Beast stuck it's tongue out at the tiny creature, as if saying: Ha-ha! Broke your chains.

The tiny creature was not amused...

(someone should totally continue this description: Make this into a game where everyone adds a few sentences, then passes it along to the next guy, and hopefully leads into an awesome story of it's own)
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That's definitely epic.
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Maybe have a creature looking down on Equestria from Space? Watching Celestia and Luna move stuff?
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Pray, children, for the wooden Godzilla has arrived! 
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And this is why NO ONE falls for the "Is that the Kukla?!" line. If it was, you would know.
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There's always a bigger fish...
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Highly impressive, as usual. Keep aiming for bigger, my friend.
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"I'm a motherfuckin' t-rex!"
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It does resembles an asian dragon, although I don't think those tend to be that large ^^
Awesome.                                                                                            I IS HAVE A TREE 
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What in Tartarus?!-  Well, I guess it's not in there anymore...
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