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I'm not really into critiquing artwork, especially great artwork, but since there are only comments that praise this piece I'll try to be a bit more cynical about it. Before that, I have to say that this is great overall because of its simplicity of events that betrays complexity in context.

The first thing noticed is the texture, which gives me the impression of a more realistic expression regarding the ponies themselves with a more disheveled view of their hair(fur?) instead of the more orthodox look(hair is always connected and doesn't have strays except after a fight), which is a great appeal to those who want more expression in realism. A flaw that is really not too apparent(as is with almost every flaw in the piece) is the use of a more pastel look on the body. The head and arms are reflective of the light and we'd expect that consistency, but on the body that consistency is more or less broken- I mean that the chest area just feels colored in with purple without that same reflective quality that the head and ear does. It's not expected where the legs and right arm are because it's obscured by the front part of the body, but the chest specifically feels left alone since it's facing toward the source of light. I can probably excuse it because there could more hair on her chest to disperse the light, but then the hair there wouldn't follow the consistency of the rest of the disheveled nature of her mane.

The form of the main characters focus(Twilight's) is great, it seems the way ponies look like standing up. If there is anything "wrong" about her form in particular that I can say(I have two things to say about it), it's that the body seems more slender in the belly as if it was based off of a human, but I've seen that style before so it's not as obvious to the eye, but it is something that I have a bit of trouble processing looking at it. That's not the main concern though, the main concern I have is with the right arm(in her viewpoint). Her right arm is skinnier than her left and is a lot more blunt compared to it. Because she's in a spinning position, I understand that there would be distortion, but it seems more off than distorted. It could also be the case(please correct me if I'm wrong) that the arm is evaporating or dispersing as the bubbles around her indicate, but if so, it's still off because no other part of her body seems to be lost or dispersing besides her cutie mark which is more of a tattoo than a part of her body. Overall, her form is good, no huge proportions and only one bony/gaunt ones(which is the right arm, of course in my opinion).

The princesses in the crystal give a message of getting free from a cycle or some other symbolic meanings that I'll not get into because it would take forever, but because of that, it's something good to talk about(what does it mean? why are they there?). I also like how the cutie mark seems to be dissolving for the same reasons. The only flaw here is the lack of background to give context, but that can easily be waved off since it gives more rise to the imagination of what is going on than anything.

The last thing I have to say is that I really do like it, as does everyone. The flaws easily escape notice, and there are flaws just like everything in existence that we make, but they aren't given priority to the great piece, keep up the good work.