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Published: December 3, 2014
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Approx Time: 15+?
Drop [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyHold by AssasinMonkey
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LucianAmpersandDerpy's avatar
LucianAmpersandDerpyHobbyist General Artist
sooooo gooooood~
Dash-version of this? :3
WhiteWaterBlackSheep's avatar
WhiteWaterBlackSheepHobbyist Photographer
frozen chaos
x2FPS's avatar
x2FPSStudent Digital Artist
oh my goooooooooooosh
waytothedawn65's avatar
Do you think you'll do more of these kinds of pictures for the rest of the mane 6? Because this and the Applejack one are bloody incredible
AssasinMonkey's avatar
AssasinMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
It has been something I've kept in the back of my mind, that if I come up with a good idea for any of the other mane 6 that just feels right, I'd expand this "series" a bit. Although the further time goes, the harder it feels to get the style the same. Although the emotion behind it is something I want to explore again some time. (Although it may not necessarily be a new character, or mane 6, etc.)
ALARIS-HYN's avatar
ALARIS-HYNStudent Digital Artist
O _ O  Ok, the princess inside made it very scary Im going back to applejack see if I miss anything ;;.  Very well thought!!
KevinEvra's avatar
KevinEvraStudent Digital Artist
Twily sacrificing herself to melt the ice and save the princesses...? Because it looks more like the drops are coming from the melted ice than freezing into it. Beautiful piece, by the way. 
JungleDyret-2000's avatar
Twilie is so BEAUTY!!! :love:
Haruka--chan's avatar
Haruka--chanStudent Traditional Artist
Such a beautiful concept! The lighting is absolutely gorgeous, and the colors are just amazing!!!!! The details.... 0.o *cries tears of joy*
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
The only way Equestria could be saved was for Twilight to cast herself into the crystal web, wherein her body and soul would be stripped down and fed into the system, her sacrifice powering the weapon to stop the Ultimate Evil Thingy That's Really Hard to Stop Without Something Tragic Happening.

(Season 6 finale?)  ;D
Lux-Lies's avatar
I Love your art, is amazing, your pics gives me chills, i'm always speechless!
errieboy's avatar
errieboyHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it alright if I use this piece of art and 'hold' in something like this?…

I will give you credit for the art, of course.
JJ-Snake's avatar
JJ-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
Ajax94's avatar
I love those...
ThreewonToo's avatar
ThreewonTooHobbyist Digital Artist
You did a superb job here.   My favorite is the bubble detail, really refreshing.
JMK-Prime's avatar
JMK-PrimeStudent General Artist
Odd. I just cam out of seeing… in feature then I see this in yours.
MARZillao's avatar
MARZillao Traditional Artist
Wow! The details are phenomenal!! :D
DocWario's avatar
DocWarioProfessional Digital Artist
Assassin Monkey is the new King
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KallusTailStudent General Artist
kaciekk's avatar
kaciekkHobbyist Digital Artist
The water texture, the ice texture, the lighting, the concept!!!! AAAAHHHH
Roszpa8's avatar
I love it <3 But I don't know who is between Luna and Celestia
MARZillao's avatar
MARZillao Traditional Artist
Cadence is between them.
Maldrete's avatar
I...I've looked at this picture many times, and each time, the details floor me. It is just to the point of madness done...and then...I noticed you have the 3 Alicorn princesses in the reflection of the ice! Every time I've looked at this picture, never did I notice that before. It's an extraordinary treat to see such a level of detail that not necessarily everyone will notice everything the first time, or may never notice at all, for such a rare amount of detail may be perceived as one done out of pure love of art itself.

You, your art, are inspiring.
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