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Dress Together



Direct follow up to the previous one, Pie Together, with the roles turned around.
We can try things and then get in a tricky situation, make a mistake, but it doesn't have to matter who does so as together we can get through things and make the best out of it. A mutual relationship.

These two pieces together for me reflect a reason as to why I keep mentioning :iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd , the motivating, helping, inspiring of each other...
Although of course all of these pieces in the series do mean something for me...
You never know how big an effect even the little things can have. No matter how small, it's worth to try and do some good, spread kindness.

This piece was kinda fun to make. A bit of clothing design always is interesting to do! Especially one that's the opposite of "correct" haha
The calender is starting to collect close to enough images to fill all months! Also gotta do the cover, and I plan on a credits page as well. Then the layout I want to custom make too...

Approx Time: 4 hours
Photoshop CC
Dress Together [WIP] by AssasinMonkeyPie Together by AssasinMonkey

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Applejack: Ponyfeathers. Ah tried mah best to make that dress.
Rarity: Applejack, darling. Why didn't you ask me for making you one?
AJ: Uh, remember that pie?
R: Yes. I do so. I can't believe me and Sweetie Belle ate that huge thing in such a short time. What about it?
AJ: Well, yah made me thinkin'. If yah tried to make one, ah thought ah could try to make a dress by myself.
R: *giggle*
AJ: What?
R: Nothing. That's just sweet.
AJ: Did you ever tasted it?
R: Uh...
AJ: Your pie.
R: Heavens, no! I didn't want to be sick. You, on the contrary...
AJ: *sigh* Ah know.
R: But what kind of fabric is that?
AJ: Oh. Ah just used old sacks.
R: W-what?! You got to be kidding me!
AJ: Hey! Ah don't have dozens rolls of fabrics in my barn! They would get ruin anyway.
R: Hmm. What if I make you a... much much better dress?
AJ: Ah don't know...
R: I still owe you for that pie.
AJ: Rarity. Sugarcube. Ah can't accept that! Ah didn't make that pie for any service in return.
R: I insist!
AJ: Ah got a feeling it's more yer fashion sense that yer generous side that's working right now.
R: What? No! I really want to-
AJ: Gotcha!
R: *mumble*
AJ: Tell ya what. Ah'll let you make that dress and in exchange ah'll make yah another big pie.
R: I... I don't know Applejack. That last one was delicious, but....
AJ: And some fresh icecream?
R: .... I'll do it. *she covered her mouth*
AJ: Great! Tell me when it will be ready. Ah'll send Apple Bloom to get it and bring you the pie. Now, if yah excuse me, ah still have chores for today. Bye Rarity.
R: Uh... bye Applejack. *sigh* And I wanted to lose weight. Sweetie better eat a bigger part this time.

Wonderful work