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Dreamscape Belle

New MLP Episode! Art!
That place, had to be made. Great part of the episode, also just so much character building again. I'm loving that!

Felt out of my element here with this environment, but that was fun, failing live :P
Did take me longer because of stream talks but ok, that's part of the experience :D

Dream on little fillies, silly fillies.

Approx Time: 8 hours
Dreamscape Belle [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Nice picture. I hope Sweetie Bell will be okay.
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Is WONDERFUL,also if you had more "sparkles"/"Stars" to the background and some light and shadow features it will make it look even more magical,oh one more thing,try to add a kind of shining in Luna,like if she was shining a bit at distance and SweetyBell would try to chase her and look for her even more....well that's what I think..I dunno about you ><" xP
Which episode is this based on? (Even the comments don't say! And I'm not sure which one(s) I've missed...)
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This is from S4E19, "From Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils"
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woow is beautiful
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Wooow!!! The background looks amaaazing!!! :la: :la: :la:
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0o0 Ohhhhhhh soooo pretty!!!!! La la la la 
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How does one have the patience for eight hours? That must be the secret to making art look good, and that's why mine isn't!

This is beautiful. I really need to go watch this episode...
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I wonder if Discord ever hangs out in magic space or is it just the royal sisters' special place?
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That's indeed an interesting one. I could see Discord having similar "powers" as Luna and Celestia, thus having such a world. Would be interesting to see if that'll ever happen, considering Discord is here to stay :)
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Yu quemjol yuh Jyucselja obol fumtc eag yum nutyus ckuso el yuc yug dacg cho leiur cyucgolc' ckosyuur kruso?
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This is really pretty :love: You did a great job capturing the dreamy feel of the dreamscape! 
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Beyond One Soul! xD
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Powa of dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful work! And yeah, Sweetie Belle's dream was my favorite part of the episode!
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SWEET! Fantastic total view!
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I think I fell in love.
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