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Double Doggie, Double Pegasus



Double Pegasusususususus
Episode Art!! Also, another Saturday Stream art.
Great episode, so many many things going on. I was recapping this thing for almost 2 hours I think. Pausing, looking at everything that happened. Also doggie is awesome haha.

Nice long stream while we're add it. Watching BABScon as well adds up the the hours nicely  :P
Anyhow, great to be back with another Saturday Livestream in general. Missed last weekend because of the problems that occurred ( )
Last weekend also did not feature any new MLP episode! Which I guess for me was kinda lucky I had internet problems exactly at that time heh.

Nonetheless I did want to make art, so it's great to get it back rolling with this. No playball for this Orthrus though, He'll (They'll?) have to settle with a Rainbow Dash instead. I think there's folks out there who wouldn't mind having her to play with instead hehe.

Great fun. I did notice my style shifted slightly again, maybe also because of my Previous Applejack upload ( ) Perhaps I'm seeing things, I do that at times, see things. Luckily with my eyes.

Approx Time: 8,5 hours
Double Doggie, Double Pegasus [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This is absolutely beautiful.

The first thing I noticed when looking at this picture was how well the focus was implemented through the artwork. The use of a more blurred and less-defined Fluttershy contrasts well with the sharp, crisp, crystal-clear Rainbow Dash and the dog (I can't remember what it's called) and it not only puts the main focus on Rainbow Dash, but it also makes it appear more real, like an actual photo. Therefore, five stars for technique!

The nest thing I noticed was the expressions: how uncomfortable Rainbow Dash looks in her current situation and Fluttershy's innocent smile, along with the dog looking at RD with a look that signifies that he just wants to play. I also love how RD's hair looks a little bit wet and ruffled. Nice touch. 4.5 stars for vision and impact.

This work is very original; I have not seen many paintings that depict this scene. However, it is a scene from the show, so there was a lot to draw from (not that that's a bad thing in any way though). 4 stars for originality.

In conclusion, this is some amazing artwork that has been rightfully added to my favorites. I've also added a "+watch" to your profile because I can not wait to see what other brilliant works you come up with!