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Distant Apples

Applejacks! or well... I had a big sketchsheet full of Applejacks and this was one of them which I worked out in a painting.
I kinda wanted to practice painting... backs again, I don't have enough experience with that angle I think. Didn't end up being an exactly realistic one... but yea, the entire piece isn't that realistic I guess hah.

Also some mountains, because mountains. Totally only because there's mountains around ponyville already! totally not because mountains are fun or anything... Chocolate Milk.

Approx Time: 6-7-8 hours
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The style and artwork is spectacular, but I always thought of Applejack to be the strongest (and therefore the biggest, strongest, and thickest) of the group. Great job though!
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This is some next level Holivi anatomy
You really must have crush on Applejack.
Although I would think she'd be much stouter and bulkier, I kinda really like the legs (includes forelegs) and the defined scapulae.
:iconpinkieismindfckedplz: "You know what this calls for!?!"
:iconajislisteningplz: "Hmmm...." :iconhappyapplejackplz: "Chocolate milk?"
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Holidaying in the uncanny valley, sadly.
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k, this is kinda weird xd
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[details]  beautifull!
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...AM, is AJ.... Naked?!  Or am I just imagining things.... 0_o

-Minepow/Glyph Reader
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awesome job on this i really like it nice work
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