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Distance Between Stripes

New addition for my First Contact War universe.

Building up some more on the equine side. I first started out with the idea of an action scene, which rolled into the problem of the time it takes to make such a scene without having a design for the armours. So I wanted to make armour... that turned into Zebra with armour in a scene rather than specific focus on the armour.
I stuck to these 4, making an entire group in the background felt like a bit too much work (Lazy monkey).

Secondary challenge for me was trying out a wide open light setting. Some landscape, although the landscape took a slight wrong direction. It was way out of balance with the characters I sketched, the perspective was way of. You can see the difference in the WIP down below.

Anyhow. It was fun to make these designs. I often make armour in the direction of European medieval times. In the back of my mind I do wonder about the other cultures, Asian for example, but in this case African, and Africa in the broadest sense, from Morocco, to Egypt, to South Africa. Kinda bits and pieces from here and there.

Making these took me a while, though. Maybe longer than I expected for the quality finish that it has. But, nonetheless, a result.

Approx Time: 16 hours? (Would have to check on the recordings to be sure)
Time Lapse: Pending
Distance Between Stripes [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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I actually really like this, for some reasons Zebras have always fascinated me. the clothing/ armour look absolutely amazing, and you done a great job at making them each look different.... Love it
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wow... they look really amazing .. also the Outfits, really unique and outstanding :)
great work!
This is epic work , in my humble opinion, I'v always loved desert  and wide open spaces and this hits the spot
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This is awesome. :O
Can i use this as a background for my music? ^.^
AssasinMonkey's avatar
If it's non-commercial/monetized and if you can include my name and a link back, then sure! :)
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I would have imagined them with Zulu shield and weaponry, but has more traditional African weaved clothing for a sort of armor.
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I think you're a real gem for this fandom ='D Your work is astounding.
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Message from Kkat:

This is absoluter incredible!  I love all the work and imagination that went into this piece.  The colors are gorgeous, the zebras are adorable, and the armor designs are brilliant! 
Bits of pieces? Why not focus on one? Nubian empire can be a good setting. It was one of the biggest African old kingdom.
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I love the one with the yellow eyes :D Its all like "look at me, i got thick cheeks" Its so cute >_<
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Looking at the WIP, I wouldn't call that out of balance. Is there even such a thing as "out of balance" in the negative sense? Pictures with their balance intentionally going heavily to one side can be beautiful and very dynamic. In this case, I instantly noticed how my eyes were constantly drawn to the zebras as they are indeed dominating the picture while the landscape is more reduced to the background. It's true that the perspective was off in the WIP, but you corrected that later, so no problem here. If you hadn't told me, I'd never have noticed it.

And what's with the flying shark-zebra? :D
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XD the "Seabra" *Badumtsh* happened when my brain thought about dolphins when making the second Zebra, things happened.
For some reason I thought the face looked like one. Actually also slightly because of a fairly old piece I made, where I got dolphin comparisons, haha: Derpants
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Haha, hey that Derpyface actually *does* look like a dolphin! :D
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Aww, such adorable zebras. :heart:
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They might not be quite a good camouflage, but God that looks awesome :la:
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Interesting - and vibrant - attire. Reminds me of some kind of meeting of tribal wear and 1800s colonial troops. The mowhawk-helmets are particularly clever.

I'm also noticing an... Odd type of heterochromia. Hard to look away once you notice it.
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''See ya, Simba!!''
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wow!! is amazing!!! :O precioso!!!! i love it!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Cool.                                                                                                            Animal Emote: Zebra 
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Do they also have Quaggas, or were those all wiped out in the Great Quagga Dodo War?
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This is way cool o:
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