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Hah, those episodes really have me rolling with these I think? First Celestia then Nightmare Moon and now this?

It did give me a good excuse to finally make a Discord piece. I've sketched him out before, but here, now, finally, a finished piece. And it's quite a "weird" one while I was at it haha, all those colours.
Quite an unique challenge I'd say, playing with rainbow overlay.

Again in a fairly rough and "fast" style, a little quicky again? :P Also playing around with cutting the subject off with the canvas.
This one was even faster than the previous two, although I suppose maybe slightly less complex in light source. Took under 4 hours, which kinda surprised me.

Approx Time: 4 hours
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Discorded Coloured [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Well I have to say that the first thing that I really noticed about this piece that grabbed my attention was the realism and amount of detail that you poured into this! The character design is still cartoony, but is also done in a professional manner to where it is believeable as a live action scene if you will! I love the strokes and the kind of wispy texture that you integrated into this which really brings forth the intensity of the surrounding action! I also think that the color work of this piece is simply brilliant! You did a wonderful job in making sure that the colors were more subtle while still retaining the impact of the original concept! The lighting and shading compliment eachother in such a magnificent way and the undertones give the piece a very alluring amount of depth that just appeals to the eyes! Back to textures. Like I said I really love the wispy textures, however I believe that this piece would be slightly more impacting if perhaps there was a higher contrast of textures from the rainbow and with the rest of the environment (note that this is simply a small detail). This is a truly fantastic piece of art that I am very glad to call one of my favorites now and I would really love to see much more of your exquisite art in the near future! Great work! Kind regards, Princess Luna