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Hah, those episodes really have me rolling with these I think? First Celestia then Nightmare Moon and now this?

It did give me a good excuse to finally make a Discord piece. I've sketched him out before, but here, now, finally, a finished piece. And it's quite a "weird" one while I was at it haha, all those colours.
Quite an unique challenge I'd say, playing with rainbow overlay.

Again in a fairly rough and "fast" style, a little quicky again? :P Also playing around with cutting the subject off with the canvas.
This one was even faster than the previous two, although I suppose maybe slightly less complex in light source. Took under 4 hours, which kinda surprised me.

Approx Time: 4 hours
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Discorded Coloured [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Hi, could I please use this artwork in a music video about Discord and Fluttershy? You'll be fully credited both in an in-video credits page, and with link in the description c: