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Discorded Coloured [WIP]

Final Art:
Discorded Discoloured by AssasinMonkey
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Gosh...its all...its all one layer? Or maybe two or three tops....

But you seem to just dabbed brushes on it until its done.
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Your paintings are so...natural. Without light shading, etc., but this makes them wonderful ^^
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I love your art but why do you have a donation pool? I mean your commissions alone considering the quality should go for a fair amount. I mean you have an incredible artistic eye 
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I've had folks express they'd be interested in a form of donation to express their support through it. By no means I'd want to force anyone, but it might be nice for those who want to donate something small, smaller than commission prices would go for.

Over the last year my commissions barely paid for my monthly fixed costs and other costs needed to keep my art going and progressing further.
Indeed the premium membership donation pool would be less significant over time. Getting in safer financial situations with proper commission flow.

I'm looking into new prices for my commissions, as my quality has progressed and such. So I can get into a bit safer financial situation with more options and growth overall. I've so far been really lucky my costs have been incredibly low per month, although growth has been minimal.

Anyhow, bit over explained but I hope it clears that up a bit :)
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its fine I find that some artists get themselves in trouble by charging $35 for a simple black and white sketch and the figures go up to nearly $100 for a coloured one. I have spoke with several artists and they say that keeping it at an affordable price gets them far more commissions. I understand the stress of living on your own and think that young artists like you need the most attention as they bring with them there generations art work.

I am really glad that you are a polite and nice artist. To many grow arrogant and get snappy or insult there fans knowing that they can get away with it they become like the celebrities that we hate. Thank you for taking the time to talk. 
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