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Daybright Moontime

Kinda part of my First Contact War universe, considering it's alongside the theme of Celestia doing some fun little stuff in Exchange for Sunlight.

Darnit princess hair, though! :XD:
Doesn't help that I put a dark pony in a bright setting. Those colours had to be approached slightly different for all the above reasons hah.
At first this was close to becoming a combat scene involving armour...

Also I admit I kinda wasn't sure where to go with this... but that might be the case for a lot of pieces. Ended up playing around, trying to make something of it.
My main starting focus was to try this visual style with some more motion in it. Unfortunately I chickened out on the background and with a similar one to Pegasus Sanguine, where the Style kinda started. Let's just say it's a surreal piece. :P

This style has definitely stuck around for longer and more consistent than most others I've recently had. Perhaps due to it having some very strong characteristics, while other styles sometimes more subtle.

Anyhow, the Moon is quite bright today.

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Approx Time: 7,5 hours
Daybright Moontime [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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OMG!!! This is so good and life like when I saw it I was like "Ooh!Thats an awesome model!" awesome job! ^w^
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That shading is gorgeous! It actually took me a second to realize it wasn't a sculpture. Beautiful picture! :love:
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she looks so real!! 
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This is beautiful... * q *
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
I LOVE how you went as far as to foreshorten the pupil correctly. I can never seem to do it to where it doesn't look oddly reptilian, but you did it really well.
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She really appreciates the gorgeousness of life.
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...incredible piece.
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oh my goodness.. it looks like it's a model or something, (as in 3d) great job! it's wonderful!
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I really like the way your drawing, soft feel :) (Smile) 
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Looks so 3d like :D
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What a nice fascinated expression that you gave her!
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Wow... at first I thought this was one of those small figurine thingies. 
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thehe, i love her smile. Relly cute :)
I love moths. They're like teddy bears with wings.

Favs X)
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that us so cute x3
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Oh wow.  this looks like something from a stop motion animation.  and awesome job with the narrow depth of field!
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Aw, she looks so happy!
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oh WOW! ive never seen anything quite like this before!
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Really gorgeous. I love this style, but I personally like the sketchier style better. Nevertheless, I am happy that you are exploring new things, and I think that this looks amazing. Keep up the great work!
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