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Dance Shimmer



New Equestria Girls Short fanart addition!
Short/episode: Dance Magic!

Officially started on Discovery Family, so lets roll with it eh?! There were more... more than enough outfits to choose from haha. Too many. For just Applejack there's 4-5 new ones I have to make at some point. But I went with Shimmer here, since I don't get to make her that often, and she also had a new fancy dress!

Humans! Human. Going for a bit of foreshortening challenge, kinda works, but gosh darn Hands always gotta be hands right? I also just went with this style, since I well was on it recently anyway, and I thought it'd work well with EQG, and retaining their facial features a bit similar at least. A lot easier to do than with full on shading, even if I have done that before. But yea, I go explore so many different styles, sometimes worrying, but other times it's fun to be able to say I do. (and hopefully also pull em off at least decently)
It can be taxing, though, because there's no way I can remember the entire process for every method I used for all the different styles.

Anyhow, quite a fun enjoyable short to watch. It's interesting to see how they also advance their tech on these, and not just FIM. With both they're definitely getting better and better with animations, and everything.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Approx Time: 8-9 hours
Photoshop CC
Dance Shimmer [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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