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An actual step to creating more for my "First Contact War" MLP universe.…
Initially started out as just doing armour designs to be used as reference in a larger artwork project. Then I decided to just work these out... kinda rough. From there it went into putting them together, etc. and to here.

First Contact War is my interpretation of a conflict between the first meeting of Equines and Griffins. Two large power house civilizations. Given their difference in species, culture and traits they might not always see eye to eye with these foreign intelligence.

Although this particular scene didn't have anything significant of a story in mind as it was meant to be just a design piece for armour.
Hopefully this'll help me try to eventually recreate a similar scene as to where this universe idea started for me back in 2012:

Probably not how they met in the show, but I'd definitely want to see how they did.

Total approx time: 15-20 hours (?)
Each character was made separately then put together with an environment. Kinda lost track of time along the way.
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I think I may be seen as being too generous.

But seriously loving the execution of the idea.

For creatures with exposed elegant necks, they really should have armor there. Hence, though it may look constricting to them, that's probably how Equestrian and Griffin armor would be. A simple neck wound could make you bleed to death, what more in battle?

This kind of painting should really be seen from a distance. If you look at it close, you'd think it be...unrefined. But viewed from a decent distance, everything blends well.

The mane and tails of the Regal Sisters should show their magical flow shimmer though.

Wishing I could do this kind of piece.