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Contact Equines #1

Kinda a new addition for my First Contact War universe. It's more or less generic pony designs, but with the slight hope of getting to use them for FCW.

I started these out from just hairstyle sketches, then I tried to make ponies out of them, in full colour and with a bit of personality to them. Quite fun, but time consuming in a way. Even with the very rough style I kept them in. Although I was multistreaming and having fun... so distraction haha.

The shading style was quite fun to do, trying to keep the shadows on their face a minimum, deliberately. Which I guess is a common practice among some styles (Anime for example). Also just having less heavy contrast.

I could almost start making adoptables like this, hah.
Or I might open up some commissions based on these for a fixed price, similar to what I did here: My October Fundraiser Sketch Commissions
All just idea at this point, though, so no guarantees it'll happen (although commissions are more likely.)

Approx time: 9 hours
Timelapse: Pending?
Contact Equines #1 [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
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Theu are realy nice
lQdALPHA's avatar
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it's like you can come up with your own story by just looking at them ah very well done
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This look is adorable
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their cutie marks all look weird. Who are they and what's their CMs mean?
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Stunning work as always
O5akafeeva's avatar
Good God these look amazing!
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They all look pretty cool and cute. I especially like the blue and pink one's facial expression.
K4nK4n's avatar
Very interesting designs on such cool ponies.
MudslingerArtist's avatar
pretty deserve and very conceptual. Love it :)
awadd's avatar
Every time I look at the last mare, she gets prettier and prettier.
DarkstarWolf53's avatar
Love these! Especially the second one!
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
I love the freckle-ly one!
Darksunrise957's avatar
Yay! OCs that don't literally burn my eyeballs out of my skul! /)
I really like the designs of them.
Ponkool4's avatar
Sweet! These characters look really cool. I'd love to see some background and personality to them if you incorporate them into the FCW.
MetalAmethyst's avatar
They all look great! the 2nd and 4th ones, I like a lot. And the other three are awesome too! Love 
LeeNSendo's avatar
Preeeeettyyyyyy. :3
Nice.                                                                                                        Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia 
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They're all so nice! They really feel individual.

What do you have in mind for your next Contact Equines entries?
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If I end up doing more like these, specifically for FCW I'm thinking something like different professions. Blacksmith, herbalist, trader, or whatever other thing I could come up with. This style seems like a fun little and simpler way to do some conceptual stuff.

My Lunar Emissaries and Solar Rays are more detailed, but took longer.

I'm also thinking of doing the same thing for Gryphons as a nice counterpart. It could show how different they might be, asymmetrically different. :D
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Oooh, that would be sooo cool! I sure am looking forward to that!

I admit I'm more thrilled about seeing pony professions than more griffon stuff (though you still pull it off wonderfully), but you can be sure that I'll enjoy it nonetheless!
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