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Come fly with me

Time Lapse: [link]

WIP: [link]

This one was somewhat different than usual, I did A lot more with the background this time, instead of my usual, foggy views.

Somewhat outside my comfort zone and I kept it very messy, simple, rough, more suggestive environment than detail.
I was also just not sure where I was going with this piece, just doing things as it got along. Like I actually did not plan out the colours at all, thinking it would turn in a bright blue and cloudy piece, instead ending with a warm sunset.

Anyhow, enough rant, I hope it's still enjoyable :D

Approx time:
~5,5+ hours
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Background is absolutely stunning!
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Wow that's really good. This actually reminds me of the movie Fly Away Home. 
BronyNo786's avatar
I love that movie!! One of the best 90s animal movies!! Filmed in my homeland!!
Dragon-the-Tribrid's avatar
That colouring's gorgeous!
NicolasDominique's avatar

But that's ok, because Monkey ;p Nice work.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
What facial expression is that supposed to be?
x4rn0x's avatar
loyalartist's avatar
o....... my................ godness...... this is spectacular
MissFlight's avatar
I think it turned out wonderful with a warm sunset! :) Those birds look so majestic and Fluttershy's shading is expertly done.
fixinman's avatar
This is fantastic.
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But I thought, from what was shown in Winter Wrap Up, that the weather team was responsible for the migratory birds?

:icontwilightliciousplz::iconsaysplz:Organization! All animal-related activities have since been consolidated under the animal team for greater efficiency!

Well ok then, Twilight. :)
cajobif's avatar
This is very beautiful.

I like the context Fluttershy is. Flying with birds, sunset in the back.

You did great. Ironically, I was listening to this ([link]) about Fluttershy.
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Simply awesome! btw, i subbed to you, same user as this
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Thanks! I remember your name yes, thank you for that as well :)

PS: sorry bit late reply
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Very beautiful!
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This is amazing! :iconfluttershyyesplz:
bigmacintosh7's avatar
Sweet dude, i love the use of color.
InterJim126's avatar
What a beautiful picture! :aww:
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Beautiful! Flutter guiding a flock south...great work!
sweetkat22's avatar
Amazing beautiful piece of art :)
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