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Circle of Harmony

What, another finale piece?
Well, there's at least one more!

This one though... my gosh, what did I do.
I can tell y'all what I did. I went with a very different way of working compared to my usual.
Instead of working on the equivalent of 1 layer, I had everything separate, from each of the thrones to the crystal formation, the wall, the floor, the windows and such.
So much out of my comfort zone, but then again interiors are also. That combination I'm not sure whether it did good or bad in this case...
It did certainly take me longer and thus the details might not be as focused. That could still be because of the many objects, though.

Felt a bit failly basically :P

Anywho, I used my flash file to create a SWF WIP to click through, with my ugly buttons which I still got to replace, besides the usual WIP and incoming time lapse later on.

Approx Time: 9 hours
Time Lapse:

Circle of Harmony [SWF-WIP] by AssasinMonkey  Circle of Harmony [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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This is beautifulI think I've fainted. 
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“…inside the circle of the table, under the holy sword, a knight must swear he will obey to the eternal code, eternal as the table, a ring bound to honour.

A knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue, his blade defends the helpless, his might upholds the weak, his word speaks only truth, his wrath undoes the wicked.

The right can never die, if a man still remembers him. Words are not forgotten, if a voice pronounce them clearly, The Code always shines, if a heart preserves it brightly…

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Which basically means they'll get awesome Harmony Guards :D!!1!
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which, if nothing else, would made a interesting fanfiction
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Yeah it would won't it ;o
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for the record, I am personally do not possess the ability to make said fanfiction at this time.
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Yeah it would won't it ;o
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What in the name of Walter Farley does a "Princess of Friendship" DO?!
Is she an ambassador?
A crisis negotiator?
A geisha?
Seems Twilight has a pretty empty title.

This "Friendship Supremacy" thing has hit the Goofymeter's danger zone.
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does anypony else think Hasbro might be thinking about making the rest of them Alicorns as well?
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Could happen, but we shall see.
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I kinda hope that happens cause of the amount of sadness twilight would have to deal with if all her friends passed away.
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yeah I just hope that doesn't happen.
This is the start of the Twilight Councel.
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Someone else has already done Monty Pyton, so...

:music:United we stand!
Now and forever in truth!
Divided we fall!
Hand upon hand!
Brother to brother
No One shall be greater than all!:music:
*sigh* Okay, you know I gotta. Hit it!
la-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knightWe're knights of the round table la-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight 
la-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight We dance when we are ablela-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knight 
la-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knight We do routines and chorus scenesla-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight 
la-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight With footwork impeccablela-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knight 
la-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knight We dine well here in Camelotla-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight 
la-chess: la-white-knight la-chess: la-white-knight We eat ham and jam and spam a lot!la-chess: la-black-knight la-chess: la-black-knight 
I kid, but this was very well done! Thanks for sharing!
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You beat me too it. XD Nice work.
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Your experiments out of your comfort zone are worth it! This and Apple Stroll are amazing!
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This is beautiful.
I can't imagine working on one layer.... ever.
I always have like six or seven.
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so i thought it's a screenshot at first...u are amazing >w<
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Beautiful. And best of all: other mane 6 got a own thrones to! :twilightsparkle: :applejack: :rainbowdash: :pinkiepie: :fluttershy: :rarity:  And spike of course. 
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Where's Spikes throne? 
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