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Changeling Behemoths

Print available at Shirts4Bronies:…

Check the time-lapse here:…

Or the WIP version:

The changeling bring in the big weapons
If changelings change in something of their own size, like Ponies and Chrysalis in Alicorns. What would a bigger size require?

Thought it would be nice to do another on this scale.
The response to my previous has been so great (thank you) I just had to give you all some more

Seems I finished this of fairly fast, I blame my style on it :P
Anyhow, I hope you all still enjoy it.

Approx time:
4,8 hours

Edit: Oh my :O... over 1000 Favorites?! !!! Wow! thank you all
Edit: And now over 100 comments as well?! I didn't quite expect it to catch on so fast!
Edit April 2013: Wow, this piece has crawled all over 2000 favourites! :O
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Wow. Just, Wow.  This is a very unique style to apply to Changelings, but it works so well.  Thanks for this!
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"By the grace of our dark queen, we shall never look like rainbow puke!" 
Wow, I remember saving this to my computer...but I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT YOU DID THIS PIECE! xDDD
And I think a few of your other ones tooRainbow Dash (snow pony) plz 
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Finally found this Beautiful art :)
ionoid's avatar
She certainly ate her vegetables.
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I have seen this before, but now I will comment and say: This is a very neat painting, nicely capturing the atmosphere.
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:o this reminds me of the Lord Of The Rings, the rohirrm's arrival at Minas Tirith (if you see the movie, you should know what I mean)
Quicksilver1987's avatar
Welcome to My Little Pony ya fuckers! *laughs insanely*
PenRoseTheArtist's avatar
lol, I think I found a fanfiction once with this cropped as the cover pic O.o

Don't worry, they gave you credit.
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Hey we aren't that big!
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Oh my... that looks awesome!
Me and my friend are working on Europa Universalis IV mod and we would like to use some of your paintings as loading screens. Can we?
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Sorry bit late reply! This sounds fine with me.
If you can some sort of credit and link in a description that would be good. :)
BlueBoxDave's avatar
Thank you :)
Yup you will be in description with links to all your art we use.
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A behemoth would probably turn into stuff like dragons, mountains, castles, all that cool stuff.
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oh she has a ONIX
DracoKX's avatar
I thought they just swarm together and all transform at the same time to turn into something bigger
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Changelings, they remind me of the Saboteur and Infiltrator from Killzone 2 and 3. The ability to disguise...
An army... Of Changeling Behemoths...

Super war fan art. Fantastic!
Left side:…
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All of you are dead hahah 
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I am actually right now writing a war story about the changelings, and theorize that there are massive mammoth-sized dreadnought class changeling that guard the nests. 
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Not in MY house, you love-sucking parasites!
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