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Changeling Behemoths



Print available at Shirts4Bronies:…

Check the time-lapse here:…

Or the WIP version:

The changeling bring in the big weapons
If changelings change in something of their own size, like Ponies and Chrysalis in Alicorns. What would a bigger size require?

Thought it would be nice to do another on this scale.
The response to my previous has been so great (thank you) I just had to give you all some more

Seems I finished this of fairly fast, I blame my style on it :P
Anyhow, I hope you all still enjoy it.

Approx time:
4,8 hours

Edit: Oh my :O... over 1000 Favorites?! !!! Wow! thank you all
Edit: And now over 100 comments as well?! I didn't quite expect it to catch on so fast!
Edit April 2013: Wow, this piece has crawled all over 2000 favourites! :O
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A new Army batch of Changlings have return with their Queen and they’re ready to conquer the world.

Changlings: *roar in excitement ready to conquer the world*