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Celestial Loss

It's Saturday stream time, got to make something. Finishing my S4 Finale series.
So what better than to go back to where all the Episode Arts started, half a year ago. The premiere of course!

This is a remake of my Celestial Harmony back during the first S4 episode, November 24.
I did not plan on doing a remake but things happen right? Trying to keep it at roughly the same time spend as previously.
It's not exactly the remake I thought I'd do, but I'm happy with it.

This moment was still awesome in the episode. The beginning of probably the biggest burden of her life. Every time with Summer Sun celebration for a 1000 years, while the ponies of Equestria had joy, Celestia had memories of what she had to do with her own Sister.
Celestia carries so much more than she lets on, I think for those reasons I prefer her out of all the princesses.

Approx Time: 5 hours
Time Lapse:
Celestial Loss [WIP] by AssasinMonkey Celestial Loss [SWF-WIP] by AssasinMonkey Celestial Harmony&Loss by AssasinMonkey

PS: both this and the old version time lapses are almost the same time, here's the old one which you could then play side by side.
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Some people are too awesome 👏

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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I won't be comparing this to your first attempt, this critique will be as if I'd never seen the original.

Beginning with the overall feel to the image, the dominating cool, dark tone to it is greatly contrasted with the bright warm reds and yellows attracting our eyes attention to what the image is really about. The emptiness of the background concentrates the mind on the single character whom we need to focus on. However, some kind of recognisable scenery would have been nice to let minds detail the world outside of the drawing, although it is not necessary.

The angle and distance at which we view this moment is perfect, as it is not directly in the way of the characters attentions, but doesn't relinquish our presence all together. We are also not too far away as to let our eyes wander off or squint at the details, nor are we too close as to nit pick at every misplaces hair and feather.

Using my own background knowledge, I know that this scene occurred during night and a full moon. The moon should be quite a significant light source, but by ignoring that and placing 100% of the light within the drawing we feel the power and (perhaps) the responsibility that Celestia had to carry. The shadows and highlights on the Sun Princess are perfect, creating the intense feeling of the moment. Having the light shade the top half of her face gives us the monstrous feel to her and her significantly cruel actions, yet her facial expression filled with tears and sorrow stop us from resenting her and allow us a chance to sympathise. I do think, unfortunately, that her mane could have been coloured a little more brightly as it does not receive enough justice for the glowing glory we have seen it in, in that past.

I love flow, movement within still images and this has to be one of the best I've seen with that technique. As we let our minds fly, we see her soar, flap her wings, her mane whipping in the wind. We see the dangerous and magical, yet beautiful elements as they orbit the tensed princess. I love flow and movement, creating action and allowing things in still pictures to take form and become more real. Did I mention I love movement?

Lastly, I find that the thought itself is very important to a drawing. The technique also adds to the feels of the viewers and enhances the experience. You have both deep thought and skilful technique creating an amazing image.

Great work all up, fantastic pose and incredible tone/feeling to the image and character.
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Did not mean to reply to the bot comment, I get this glitch sometimes. 
Sooo... What I said in the unintentional reply down there. :)
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I could care less if I'm the first 2018 comment, this is probably my favorite piece of MLP art ever. The emotion in Celestia's face, the Elements ready to do their job...
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Best Princess!!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Holy shit this looks so friggin epic! I'm not even into MLP, but this is truly a masterpiece.
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Freddy intensifies woah, that is truly amazing. I really am in love with your art. I wish I could do that  
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Ha, I dont believe it this is my phone wallpaper, I always wondered who had done this :) (Smile)  Love it. :D (Big Grin) 
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Ooh! VERY dramatic!!! :ohmygod:
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Wallpaper Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Celestia is definitely peeved.
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I found this tune rather befitting.
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This is awesome:) keep improving
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amazing^^ i haven't seen much  celestia art before but this one's splendid  sad in the moment when she has to banish her younger sister.
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I really love the emotion in this picture. It's a very lovely improvement from your 2013 version, and is better in almost all ways. Very nicely done. :)
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