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Celestial Harmony and Loss

I guess this falls under the 'Draw this again!'
Good fun
Celestial Harmony by AssasinMonkey Celestial Loss by AssasinMonkey

If you want to see them being made in a time lapse you can check them out side by side with their videos:
Celestial Harmony:
Celestial Loss:
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Both are amazing! You can really see how you've improved over time though!
PeachiePaws's avatar
Progress is never a bad thing! :D Keep it up!
GpvASaaS's avatar
I liked the celestia on the new but the elements on the older, still a great job ^^
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soma2010's avatar
same stuff what this supose to be ???
AssasinMonkey's avatar
It's a remake, only the initial concept is the same.
Razgriz470's avatar
The new one looks a lot cleaner overall to me. Nice job on both!
Book-Box's avatar
Shading is much smoother!
DZMaylon's avatar
Hm. I think the colors are awesome at new, but still...the face-style was prettier at old art, seriosly. There is more emotions and more details, i think so... But anyway, it's looks great!
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The first thing i see when i have the two pieces of art in front of me is the light :
It's warmer, brighter. You also took another point of view that looks great too.
As Vittring said, the result is  alot cleaner.
But there're some points i prefer in the old one,like the mane and the wings.
You could also have worked a bit more one the entire head and not only the face (front mane, crown and horn)

In general, i still prefer the new one. There's more anger and less sadness, i like that.
waffules's avatar
such a nice concept
vittring's avatar
the first thing I notice in the new one is the bulge on the neck, it feels like the whole pic is about that bulge.
as a whole I like the old one better. the composition, and that you can clearly see the tears which is less obvious in the new one. the image overall seems to have more impact/force - you get a better feel of it.
on the other hand the newer version looks a whole lot cleaner.
AssasinMonkey's avatar
The tears in the first one are definitely a bit more out there, spread and crisp. Along with some sparkles or embers flying around.
I guess it shows which things I paid more attention to this time around in the time spend.
oron61's avatar
I like the elements themselves from the first one better and everything else from the second one better. (I like pointy crystalline objects for some reason...)
AssasinMonkey's avatar
The new elements don't really have that sharp edge to them yea, specifically the star. In hindsight I might have wanted to make it more pointy, at least the top. But I guess it works either way :)
Furia999's avatar
they're both still amazing but the new one looks better so cool
Darksunrise957's avatar
I like the new one much more. (Much) Better proportions, fuller color, better angle, more detail in the shadows and wings, and it's MUCH crisper, I find. Great improvements!
AssasinMonkey's avatar
Thanks you :D Great to hear
QwixLochflow's avatar
If I had to point out two refinements since then, it would be that the shadow gradations have gotten smoother and the colors are more vibrant.
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