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Celestial Harmony

I guess it was just a matter of time. Little simple thingy kind off...

Quite a rough finish on this one, didn't exactly go and clean up my brush strokes. for a little change hehe. Also probably because of distractions during my stream haha. Mainly myself.
Playing around with the composition, hiding large parts of the subject behind something or outside of the canvas.

Approx time: 5 hours
Time Lapse:

Celestial Harmony [WIP] by AssasinMonkey
Lunar Divide:
Lunar Divide by AssasinMonkey
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Now this is something awesome. The lighting is nearly perfect and the expression is really dead on. The amount of time spent on this probably doesn't do any justice to how much of an impact it can put on a viewer. The placement is nice as well, I usually follow the rule of thirds when I do things like this, and the rule has been nicely executed. Celestia's face is obviously the focal point, and the element of magic is a secondary focal point. One thing I would suggest is to put another point in the picture to create a visual shape to keep the viewers eye inside the piece for a longer time. Other than the things I suggested, this piece is amazing. Keep it up. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
It looks like someone animated this amazing work of yours.…
Please never stop doing what you do.
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Yup the Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon… are connected together from left and right!

Unleashing the light from Princess Celestia!
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Damn, son.  :wow:  Great work on both of these.
whoa...this is badass!!
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Saw your timelapse that used one of my songs.
This is some epic stuff.
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I'm now realising I've forgotten to send out notifications to the musicians, sorry for that. But it's good to see you did find out, hopefully it's all right.
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More than so.
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Sweet Jesus this is amazing. It took me a moment of squinting at the shadows to even notice Celestia's tears. Then I just La la la la Waaaah!
Welp, time to take a look at your gallery. Right after.... *faved*
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This is amazing. The light and shadows in themselves make this picture exemplary, but what really makes this picture stand out is the total anguish on Celestia's face. Wonderful picture, really. :D
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With these new episodes coming we're bound to get sudden bursts of inspiration :P
I just finished a painting related to the premier myself, actually!
You did very well on this one, especially with the metal rendering. It looks very convincing.
The one thing that kinda sticks out to me is the low saturation of the fire or w/e surrounding Celestia.
I feel it could've been upped a little bit, but I'm assuming you didn't want it to take all the focus.
Nicely done and it fits together with the Nightmare Moon counterpart.
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This is an awesome piece AM! I like this rougher finish, it gives the subject matter a much grittier edge to an already dark piece. I'm especially impressed with, of all things, the lighting on Celestia's mane at her forehead. It's both colorful yet has that very grungy look to it.
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That must have Celestia look banishing her own sister from the kingdom.... So much emotions, pain mixed with anger and dissapoint... Simply beautiful!
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Glad to see Celestia putting up a great fight AND winning for a change!  Love the detail here!
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Celestia has her game face on. ^^
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You did this in just five hours? That's incredible man!
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This picture is beautiful and haunting. Really communicates Celestia's pain. Amazing.
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