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Celestial Accord

New MLP Episode inspired art for my MLP Season 7 Episode Art collection!
Season 7, Episode 1: Celestial Advice

So it begins, another season! Kinda interesting to have two standalone episodes as premiere! Since I also had to catch up after going to BABS, I may not end up having one for Episode 2 because of that, but I at least wanted to do this one. The episode was great, seeing some more of Celestia, and also her wonderful amazing laughter hahaha. It's so good.

I had this idea during the episode I was just suddenly inspired to make (planets and stars aligned?), about the connection from Celestia to Twilight, and Twilight to Starlight. It ain't exactly a scene from it, and it's something that's been build up towards since last season, but it still felt fitting for this episode. And to kick off a new season as well.

Initially I just planned to put them in clouds and stuff, but then I thought about space, and my very last and long ago space piece that I did: Guardians of our World
Back in 2013... I remember at times trying to make nebulas again in sketch pages, but this time I went full background with it... and I kinda had a bit of fun with it haha, I just kept going. Had to step back at times to make sure it wasn't too much or too chaotic. Then I also had to puzzle the characters in and their shading. I don't do shading in space that often, so yea. I took artistic liberties with it for sure, but there's also space clouds wrapping around em, so eh... magic fantasy world maybe?!

Anyhow. Needed to finish this before the next Saturday stream, since I'll start another piece then hopefully.
This season does have a different approach regarding routine of art creation. If I really don't feel like there's something worth making, I will not force myself to make episode art. Or not force myself to do a full on massive painting, to remain open for the smaller chibi, or line based simpler stuff too if appropriate.

But hopefully y'all enjoy this piece. I may consider making this one into a print for BronyCon for sure. (And perhaps wall scroll too)

Approx Time: ~16 hours
Photoshop CC
Celestial Accord [WIP] by AssasinMonkey

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I had Nicole Oliver sign this at BronyCon.

Felt it was fitting.

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Oh my God, this it so beautiful *о* 
one of my favorite fan arts ever. there’s so much emotion 
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Hi There!

I'm not sure if you have given any permissions for sites to use your artwork; but I felt I needed to mention that a site is using it for profit.…
It showed up on my facebook as a "suggested post". Recently, I page that I follow had their work stolen as well and was being sold without permission so this rang alarm bells.
My apologies is nothing is amiss... but I would rather be sure than to scroll past. 
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Looks beautiful. ;)
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It's very, very beautiful.  I hope poor Twilight gets over it and isn't crying for long!
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Why is Twilight crying?
Amazing picture! Can you make a FullHD 1080p or 1440p wallpaper from this art?
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Amazing. Just amazing!
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I'm not caught up yet! I cant wait to see season 7!
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Why is Spike tagged? He isn't in the picture.
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Awww poor twily :L Stunning picture :D
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you are the best pony artist <33333
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Nothing interesting at all. Something outstanding, as always.
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It's so colorful! Even by your standards AM this is really colorful! I love it!

The idea of these connections like this, of Celestia to Twilight and then Twilight to Starlight, is a pretty neat move. You're right, for the season seven opener, this is a great time to post this kind of a picture.
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Stunning art! A great start to the season, and your season seven art series.
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Holy cow =D that's really incredible love the details of the fanart ^^
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